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Gold Ray * Gold Order

The Gold Ray

The Gold Ray is one of the emanations of the Primal Sound Field, representing the second individuation of the God Source, forming part of the Cosmic Trinity. This emanation is visualized as a golden halo, often intermingled with silver and faint colors, symbolizing divine illumination and higher consciousness.

The Gold Ray encompasses orders such as the Seraphim, Cerez Avian bird people, and Aeithan lines, collectively known as the Solar Rishi. These beings incarnated in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Vega through the 10th Universal Stargate. The Solar Rishi are ancient, highly evolved consciousnesses that facilitate the spiritual evolution and ascension of beings throughout the cosmos.

If you are born as part of the Gold Ray, you carry a profound connection to divine truth and freedom. Your soul is intertwined with the mission of the Gold Order, which involves safeguarding the principles of the Law of One. This path emphasizes the unity of all existence, encouraging the evolution of consciousness to a state of God-Sovereign-Free (GSF).

The Seraphim of the Gold Ray are guardians of the Gold Sun DNA, an advanced evolutionary template aimed at healing and restoring fallen genetic lines. This mission extends to the rehabilitation of the Draconian race lines and the override of detrimental timelines influenced by negative alien agendas. Those aligned with the Gold Ray are often tasked with confronting and transforming oppressive structures, advocating for justice, and fostering the liberation of all beings.

The Seraphim lineage, one of the original Founder Primal Sound Fields of the Gold Order Ray, encompasses the Winged Ones, avian genetic bird beings, or Angelic Seraphim. They are an extension of the Family entity of RA from the next Universe through the Andromeda Galaxy, residing within the practices of the Law of One.

Historically, the Seraphim were intricately involved in the creation of Earth and its various timelines, contributing to the evolution of the human race. They were part of the original creators of the divine human prototype designed to evolve into Christos consciousness. The Seraphim also established the ley line and Axiatonal Lines grid system on Earth, becoming the guardians of the horizontal shields and timelines until humanity could take over this role.

However, the Seraphim experienced a schism and enslavement issues, descending into a fragmented mind matrix. During the Atlantean cataclysm and Luciferian Rebellion, the Golden Eagle Grid, which the Seraphim had created, fell under the control of negative alien agendas. This grid was used for mind control and manipulation, distorting the original purpose of the Seraphim's work.

Despite these challenges, the Seraphim continue to work towards the rehabilitation of their consciousness and the restoration of their original mission. They play a crucial role in the protection and evolution of Earth, ensuring that the principles of freedom, truth, and divine order are upheld.

Being a part of the Gold Ray means you may feel a deep-seated responsibility to guide and support others on their spiritual journeys. You are likely to possess heightened intuitive abilities, a strong sense of justice, and a commitment to upholding the divine order. This role often involves confronting and healing deep-seated fears and traumas, both personal and collective, to pave the way for higher states of consciousness.

The Gold Ray's presence in your life signifies a call to embody and radiate the qualities of divine truth, freedom, and unity. As a bearer of the Gold Ray, your journey is not just personal but also a beacon for collective ascension, guiding humanity towards a future aligned with the highest cosmic principles.

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