Sunday, January 15, 2017

Are We All Hoarders?

All Is Mind... The Universe is Mental... Our World Is Housed In Our Mind...Our Perception. 

I came across a show about hoarders. I was fascinated by this exaggerated outward expression of a mind gone wild. This was indeed the macro version of a calamity of the mind that almost every single being on the planet suffers from in one degree or another.

All is Mind...In Order To Change Our World...We Just Need To Change Our Mind.

I can imagine there are countless people who have looked at a hoarders world and thought to themselves, "I could never do that" or "How could they do that?"

The theme you find with hoarders is that it is emotional, they are holding on to something. 

If we take away judgment and look upon this mirror they are showing us, we have the potential of receiving one of the greatest gifts.The gift of awareness of Mind, and the awareness of seeing that that is us. We are all hoarders. Maybe we aren't collecting physical items, but in our mind, if we were honest enough to look, we would find closets and closets of clutter.

All is energy, light, vibration...All is in motion.

Simply put, hoarding is just one polarity of the pole between hanging on and letting go. Can you look at your mind/world and if truth say you are not hoarding?

People everywhere are hanging on to fear, sadness, regret, worry, blame, judgment, feeling unloveable or unworthy, holding limiting agreements and beliefs, self slavery, and the list goes on and one.

So many minds are looping memories, past events and beliefs that are causing the energy to get trapped and therefore are filing the mind with closets and closets of clutter.

Service to self clutters...Service to others is the energy that flows. Service to others is only attained though letting go. Through unselfish love and through absolute non judgment.

I don't know about you, but I feel the tides are turning and I can feel that more and more of us on the planet are starting to remember. Starting to remember the divine nature of who we truly are. That we are more than just a physical form.

It is not an easy task this letting go. Facing our clutter can be painful, scary and over whelming, but
just like with the physical hoarders, the more we keep at it, the more we start to move things and let things go, the easier it gets.

How do we let go? Through awareness and honesty. First we have to be willing to look and admit that it's there. I honestly feel like that is the biggest challenge, and once we do that, the energy starts to flow.

And one more thing I noticed from hoarders in overcoming this challenge, they never did it alone. They first had to face the realization of the issue, and then they allowed the energy of service to others to circulate by asking for help. Yes, it may be scary or embarrassing to let someone see the piles we have collected in our mind, but that is a short lived discomfort for sure, because freedom is by far a greater reward.

"He who grasps the truth of the mental nature of the Universe, 
is well advanced on the path to mastery." (Three Initiates) 

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