Monday, January 16, 2017

The Law of Polarity & Human Design

Human Design is one of those tools in life that gifts us with the magnifying glass of truth. I personally feel that it is an extremely powerful base of information that can assist us in  awakening our divine awareness and raise our vibration and light, and one of the ways it does this is by allowing us to see the duality that we have the free will to chose in every line, gate and center.

We are the ones who chose which polarity we will express. 

If Human Design is something you are interested in, then I would venture to guess that you are also interested in some sort of spiritual path of self mastery. I say this because, even though the chart can be used as a pseudo sort of reading like a horoscope or something like that, its true purpose is as a map of your path to wholeness. In truth, it's not a reading that can really be done for you, but rather something you can contemplate for your entire lifetime as climb your own ladder of ascension. (although, it's nice to have a little help to get started!)

The Law of Polarity is one of the base seven fundamental laws of the Universe. With in the law of polarity we learn that the only difference between two poles is merely the position or degree something is at on the pole. Such as hot and cold, love and hate, fear and courage or light and dark.

One of the key foundations of Human Design is the way in which one can express themselves in either the high or low vibration of any aspect of the chart. For instance gate 18 on the spleen can cause us to be overly critical, nit picky and judgmental or, we can become masters of compassionately guiding things towards perfection, healing and improvement through service to others.

When we understand that the two opposites of the pole are really the same thing, just at varying degrees, then we can start to consciously choose where to express or place our self within that duality. We can look through the magnifying glass of Human Design and contemplate how to move to the highest expression of each aspect of our entire chart.

To me, this is a fine tuning process. We are fine tuning every part of us, mind, body and spirit, to be the clearest receiver of our higher self. 

A great resource for understanding the Laws of the Universe is a book by the Three Initiates on the Kybalion.

You can get it on Amazon Kindle for free and here is a fantastic video of it being read as an audiobook. You can always use to convert the video to a downloadable audio so you can listen to it on any device you want.

Blessings on your path of self mastery! And if you are so inspired, I'm available to help you get started with understanding your Human Design chart.

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