Monday, November 30, 2020

Working With Our Soul Family and Parallel Lives

Blessings Beautiful Soul,

What the Guardians have bringing through is the importance of us understanding our Soul family structure. 

Understanding a soul family is a thought many of us have never really contemplated. Soul Family and Soul group.... these are terms that we have heard so many times, and like many of the phrases we hear in our life, we don't even think about, what does it mean? 

When we are referring to something as a family, we understand it as people that we are related to. It is a family tree or a connected unit. Each of the people in the family, we see them as individuals, we see them as outside of ourselves, separate identities, and many times tolerated it just because we're related to them and not because we really like them. 

When we start to get into the anatomy of the Soul, there is a completely different relationship that we have with our soul family than we do with our relatives or physical family.

"The first level of spiritual awakening is connecting with our soul consciousness and extensions, our soul family is comprised of 12 different individual personalities. As we integrate our Soul consciousness, we integrate these 12 aspects within our consciousness body, and this unifies the triad of the entire Soul Matrix, so that we experience our emotions and the forces of love in entirely new ways. ..."

Just as a slight backtrack we are going to look at our entire 15 dimensional matrix body. Every aspect of our I AM presence.

Within a 15 dimensional time Matrix we can see that there are five harmonic universes, each with three densities. Each of these harmonic universes holds another station of our identity, and what we can also come to understand as a future timeline aspect of our self. 

"Souls are created by the Oversoul in sets of 12, forming Soul Matrices. The Soul Matrix projects portions of itself into Harmonic Universe-1 (HU-1) to create set of 12 manifest, gross matter physical incarnations, forming Incarnational Matrices (Incarnate Matrix).

Usually a, a soul (Soul Matrix), HU-2 identity, manifest into 12 simultaneous incarnations, two in each of the six time cycles in one Harmonic Universe (HU). In each pair of incarnates, one is male, the other female..."

We could almost begin to Interchange the word Dimension with Timeline. Therefore when we talked about our higher self, this is really an aspect of us that is a future station of identity it is advanced in knowledge, Evolution, and Ascension. Many of these stations of identities can be thousands to even millions of years in our future. 

But again we look at timeline from a very limited first harmonic Universe perspective, because in truth timelines do not exist the same within the different harmonic universes. 

For example within the first harmonic Universe we are existing within 3D time, within the second harmonic Universe time is operating and 5D time, and in the third harmonic universe time is operating in 7D time, and beyond that, in the fourth and fifth harmonic Universe, time does not exist. 

Understand that time operates differently with in every dimensional level, because time is really a construct within certain harmonic universes in order to create a sense of structure. For example within the second harmonic Universe time is operating in 5D. This means that things are happening simultaneously and with a mind or memory complex aspect to them. Time does not work linearly in 5D, whereas in 3D time is linear there is a past present and future. In 5d time is simultaneous on all dimensional levels.

So, what does all of this mean?

What the Guardians were sharing, is that within this first harmonic universe where we have been living, there is other aspects of our soul family existing simultaneously with us.  How we each individually begin to understand that. is a personal process of our awakening. 

One gift that we are given to begin to grasp such a massive concept, is to connect with our 2D and 1D Soul Family.

For this we can see that just as there are...
Four 3D aspects (2 male/2 female - not all necessarily in incarnated form)  

There are also Four Aspects in the Animal/Plant realm - and 

Four Aspects in the Crystal/Mineral/Elemental Realm.

Let's take a moment and breathe! That is a mind spinner for sure!

To make this all simple, we are being invited to go into meditation, to into the zero point field  / theta state of mind, and ask for our soul family from the 2D realm to come forward. Connect with the animal or plant wisdom that comes forward. Let their pure connection to the Earth be revealed to you. How they think, their strengths, their guidance. Merge with them, let that power come into you. Be one again with that part of who you are on a soul level. 

Then ask for your 1D soul family to come forward, is is a crystal, an element or mineral? Let the pure light codes merge with you. The crystal beings are record keepers and hold vast amounts of information for us to reembody. 

And for a final gift, they remind us of parallel possibilities. That we can call upon different parallel realities for different capabilities, healing, and knowing and pull that field into our own. This is one of the ways in which energy healing is done. One will scan the most appropriate parallel reality for a healthy body blueprint, and then that blueprint gets overlay and rewritten into our current body. 

As a note, this takes full surrender and letting go of seeing yourself as the way you were so that you can be the new body of health, and when you remember the power of your intentions and thoughts, you know the answer why. 

Thank you so much for your time in remembering all of you and your soul family. Thank you so much for doing the internal work, clearing the shadows, and reintegrating the light body again. I know it takes diligence, mindfulness and dedication, so thank you for staying with you truth.

With Love,

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