Thursday, December 3, 2020

Fine Tuning Our Frequencies

Beautiful Souls,

There can be such a Grand Illusion our minds that things can be perfect based on an ideology or perception that we hold of what perfect means. But this idea of perfect has a limited capacity because it is only based on the things that we have had experience with, or what our beliefs are based around. 

Yet in our mind we find ourselves striving towards this idea of having "perfect" in our life. We may not verbalize it in this way and it may go under the guise of other names such as wanting relationship, intuition, spirituality, awareness, knowing ... (aside from all the others we can think of).

All terms that we speak on a regular basis, but to each and everyone one of us, those words mean something different. One person's idea of intuition is going to be different than another persons, and underneath that there is an expectation of what that difference is. There is even an idea of being better or more gifted than another. 

All of this is a Grand Illusion based within the Realms of our mind. 

We can know that it's based in our mind because there is a sense of polarity to each of these ideologies. We know it is polarity, because in our mind we still want more. Less/More  Right/Wrong  Better/Worse 

People seem to notoriously not be happy with their level of spiritual growth
at any moment, 
being pulled by a desire for wanting more.

We can also realize that when we are based in the heart there is no polarity. This is where we really begin to fine-tune ourselves with mindfulness, being heart-based, and being in the moment. This is where we can truly start to disengage from the construct of this world we live in, and the programs that drive us. Things feel right here, just as they are. 

There is a difference between GROWTH... vs DESIRE or WANTING MORE.

Our idea and our understanding of the Universe, Ascension, Light Body, Creation, God, Soul, or our Star Families, is all filtered through a mind processing unit.

Every bit of who we think we are, is based in our mind, which makes it nearly impossible to see that we already are what we are striving for. It's all right inside of us. 

Until we get to a place were we realize that are mind is our greatest illusion. That in order to transcend the illusion we must surrender to the heart, to the feelings, to The Knowing, to the trust, to the faith. 

Until this happens, there is no way we can be our divine self. 

So what is in the way? We could use a blanket word like "Shadow". But what is a shadow? A shadow comes about as a byproduct of something blocking the light. The block then casts a shadow. We are light beings, and shadows are the clues that help us clear what ever is blocking our organic living light from free flowing between all of our cells, our atoms, our light bodies....between us and the source of all the is. Eternal Light. 

Our DNA was programed long ago to believe in a god or savior that was outside of us, this created the pain of separateness & feeling abandoned. This perpetuated the victim and slavery programing. This has kept us on a singular obsessive path of seeking something outside of ourselves. 

That time is over. Too much of our DNA is activating and when one of us has codes that "turn on", it automatically has the potential to turn on codes in another. When enough of us have codes that turn on, this now turns on the codes for humanity. This is how we evolve, this is how we adapt, and in the same way that fear can turn off codes, being heart based can turn them on.

Mindfulness is key. Mindfulness to each thought, each frequency, each emotion that we are rippling out to the
collective of humanity. This is us becoming responsible citizens. This is us growing up. If we truly want to make a difference on the planet. If we truly want to stop the suffering we witness. We are the key. We are the answer. We hold the frequency right inside of us that has the ability to either set us free....or keep us locked up. 

And we come to this base thought again...."what do you choose?" 

It sooooo much easier to stay asleep, to react to the world around us, to be the victim. 

But, the possibilities that are available to us when we wake up through mindfulness … the key to everything that we have been looking for, but this time we find it, right inside of us. 

With Love,

Becca Bee

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