Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Earth Chakra and Moving Kundalini

Flares Coming From Galactic Center
There is a massive amount of information that is asking to come through, much like the massive amounts of new light codes that are flooding our part of the galaxy now. We are in a huge torrent of spiraling codes, energy and  emotions. Riding these waves is the difference between being in a washing machine vs surfing a beautiful wave. 

At the level of maturity and responsibility we are stepping into, we know that this difference is based on the time and practice we are putting in for this new skill. You aren't just born a great surfer, but a great surfer is born of intention, desire, practice, love and dedication. 

Let's be really honest right now. There are many people on the planet that just want their higher self skills handed to them. "give them to me now I am ready". Well, you and I know this is BS. Much like talking to the dirt in our yard and commanding it to give us a garden with everything ready to harvest. The possibility is there, but not with out action on our part. 

Don't get me wrong, I get the level of frustration for the amount of effort that seems to be required in this realm. Our Star Being selves get confused by the amount of density on this planet! 

So, here we are, being gifted a new (but old) perspective to the mechanics in our body and light bodies. Breathe with me as we go through some of the things that you and I know we should have been taught as children. Things that would have benefited many of us decades ago! 

Ok, here we go...

First, the Guardians want to say, ... "sexuality is not bad, it is not about procreation and it's not just
about pleasure. It is a mode or vehicle for uploading and increasing our vehicles charge capacity in order to facilitate the different levels of ascension that require this energy to clear out channels, to open up our heart centers and elevate us into a different plane of existence. It is a physical or mundane practice that is not brought with us through the higher planes because we learn to tap into higher vibrations that make tantric orgasm child's play in the higher realms. It is a vehicle or a tool for ascension and clearing out our form."

(sex is not used on most of the planetary systems in the universe for bringing forth a new soul into physical form)

Because it is such a powerful vehicle and tool, it is one of the main acts that has been programed against us. This reversal, misery, judgement and trauma that has been placed on this act, has stunted most all beings on this planet from harnessing the rocket fuel that we were given. 

For example, our entire astrological alignment and life path has major points of activation designed right into it. Each of these activations are focused on lifting and moving our Kundalini Energy. Every single person on this planet has these key activations in their blueprint! That is how important it is. 

"You are designed to awaken to the truth of who you are, it has always been this way. You are designed to be awakened gods of Christic Light in physical form. Your capacity to hold the light and the darkness is the unique gift that you are to the rehabilitation of the universe. But you are not meant to stay in the darkness, we would say that our hope is that you would be like the flower that blooms and sheds the darkness and then awakens the others to bloom around you. You have the capacity to be more. This is the gift that you are. The transfiguration of darkness to light. 

Our gift to you is the outside reminder of what you strive for within yourselves." 

The hope was for humanity to be the harmonic key to the discord in the universe. Can we chose the light? Can we bring balance once again? Can we be the awaking? 

All of this sounds amazing, but again, HOW? How do we be this? 

We have taken all the suffering is this life personally. We have identified with it and made it our own. And by doing that we have become the slave to this suffering. We have forgotten how to trust, to surrender and to flow through the activation points as the most potent moments for change and growth. 

Suffering at its highest potential is the doorway towards Grace. 

It is chest that holds the treasure inside. 

(but we have the tools now to clear our path, we have the contract revocations and clearing statements and our beloved soul council!)

So what are these activation points...

The first vital moment is the moment we are connected with the mother energy in this lifetime. Being held to the mothers breast, nurtured through nursing. Received in love.  - Not all of us have had this first activation. But Mother Earth is ever waiting for us to give us that activation when we are ready.

The next major activation points designed right into us are our Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and our Chiron Return. Each of these specifically activates and moves through our Kundalini energy and clearing out our chakra systems. 

Any reversal programming, limiting beliefs or resistance to these activation points creates discord in our life as well as missed activations that for some may stall or completely void out the potential progress in that lifetime. 

This weeks Sacred Circle we are going to look at the exact dates of our activation points as well as start to look at the archetypes that we have been playing. Archetypes that many times are the centaur at the doorway that are not letting us through to being the truth of who we are. 

We will also be looking at the symptoms of a blocked Earth Chakra (different than our Root Chakra) and go through a clearing meditation for embracing our Earth Mother. All of this will be giving us the best vitality for our upcoming Galactic Center Planetary Alignment and Winter Solstice. 

Thank you again so much for taking this journey with me. We can all be in the cosmic ocean line up together, encouraging every wave we surf!

From my heart to yours,

Becca Bee

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