Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Bifurcation and Knowing Ones' Self


Double Diamond (ES)
Hello Beautiful Souls,

Congratulations on making it through the eye of the Galactic Center! This energy that has been pulsing us and bringing up some of our most deep seated wounds of our soul. These places that are opening are doing so for healing and transmutation into light again. So needless to say, it has been a little intense!

With this, we have a gift in this moment, to stand at a doorway to a place that has been guarded and held under lock and key for lifetimes or more. 

And this doorway... is to our heart. 

I know we are all familiar with the phrase "Dark Night of the Soul", and this is very much just like that. We have an opportunity right now to take the leap. To jump into the vastness of what is surfacing for us, and to be the most vulnerable we have ever been by opening up the deepest layers inside of us. 

To share with you what this is, I will be the transparency as an example. (and a very special thank you to a beautiful Soul in the Circle that helped me bring this forward)

I sat this morning with tears streaming down my cheeks. The awareness of a deep seated pain surfaced in me that originally showed itself as a frustration and pain from being deceived. The great revealing that is happening on the planet right now, is a small part of the great deception that is taking place in our Galaxy, due to an infiltration that happened millions of years ago. 

And now is the time for the curtains to fall away, now is the time to see who the controllers have been on this planet.

I know I stand in a very small circle when I stand up and call out the Metatronic Deception that is taking place in our universe. This is the highest levels of Twilight Master deception. This is high level truth, high level occult, spiritual, esoteric, gnostic knowledge....sprinkled with the most enslaving lies and implants. The level of deception here is so difficult to perceive because it is covered in so much light and truth. 

And with this I came to the true core of the pain in my heart. It wasn't about deception, it wasn't about anger, it wasn't about what someone else had done.  It was about me. It was about Trust. It was about me trusting myself. 

This place showed me that since the Lyran Wars, I was holding such guilt and pain for falling for the Deception of the Draconian races, and because of that, I stopped trusting myself. This one moment put such a lid over my heart! 

My deepest core wound was Trust, and not the trusting another, but trusting myself, knowing myself.

Because I was unaware of deception when they arrived, the wars were a surprise. A tragedy that ended with the destruction of our entire home planet. I felt responsible. 

This deep seated wound closed a place in my heart at a very core level. It caused me to disconnect from the Mother of Creation, to disconnect from Creation itself 

So how does a wound like this play out in an incarnation? With lifetimes of self punishment and missions to try and fix or heal the pain and trauma of others. And to wear layers and layers of archetypes of suffering, service and martyrdom. 

The gift in this is now getting to see into the heart, into the place that was afraid. To peel away all the masks and archetypes. And to stand tall, naked, raw, transparent and willing to be me. To heal this wound once and for all. To open myself to the Divine Mother once again and set myself free from the eternal prison I had placed myself in.

We are in the time of Bifurcation. Bifurcation is about the splitting of timelines. We have been working on healing and collapsing timelines for years now, this lifetime has been busy! And as we start to see this split occurring, we are seeing more and more paths of choices. For example, a path of a socialist new world order world, or a path of freedom of choice and heart centered alignment. 

This is the basic idea we speak of over and over about imagining the future as you want it to be, and living those qualities now. 

As the Bifurcation is happening, this is the difference between us raising our vibration to a level of ascension, or us choosing to do the 3D density incarnation again next time. We are being asked to step up our awareness because that is what the quickening of energy is helping us with. Next Level, VS Do Over.

In this weeks circle, we can support each other as we take this leap into our hearts. As the Monday December 21st Winter Solstice/Jupiter Saturn Conjunction is opening, we have the opportunity to allow the Krystala Star of Cosmic Christ and breathe from our hearts once again. 

Let's ask ourselves, what masks are we holding? What coats are we wearing? And if we were to take them off....which one's would be the scariest to remove? ... I think we all know which ones they are.

Thank you for your bravery for choosing your hearts brilliance. 

With Love,

Becca Bee

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