Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Timeline Celebration

As I stand here watching the snow fall, the world seems like a completely different place. It's the same streets, the same buildings, the same town, the same sky. But the environment has completely shifted how I perceive and navigate the world around me.  

These windows of life which represent the Law of Correspondence, are such powerful teachers. There is a meditation teaching of seeing the sky as our mind, and everything within it, something that is "not self", (like our thoughts), therefore all is something that we can just observe as it passes by. This technique is also powerful in our observable reality. 

2020 has been one of the most influential teachers many of us have ever experienced. It has succeeded in giving every single human being on this planet some internal place to look within. For those of us that are on the path of Awakening and self discernment, we could not have asked for a better teacher. One that has shown us what triggers us as individuals, AND, also what has touched our entire Collective, our human species.

Something inside of us knows... it is all temporary.  

And as the snow continues to fall, we all know that this too is temporary. And even though each and every one of us is experiencing the snow on a collective level here, we are all still having our own individual experiences with it.

But we didn't come here for a boring ride through the cosmos... All the struggle we have experienced in our life, is filled with purpose. 

We are pushing ourselves. None of this is happening to us or because of anything, other than our own Collective impulse for growth. 

We can be incredibly honest with ourselves right now, there is an innate desire within humans, to have a level of comfort, to have a "perpetual spring time" that creates  comfort and predictability. 

One of humanities deepest fears is uncertainty. 

We say this is what we want, but if we had nothing but the same day in and day out, in our job, our relationships, our creations, and even the weather, we would get bored and still find something to complain about. 

Because we're not meant to be still, we're not meant to be stuck in the same rut doing the same thing over and over again. That's not the way the universe expands and grows. That's not the structure of our Cosmic universe.

There is no mirror in nature that symbolizes any kind of stagnation or "perpetual springtime".  Everything is living and breathing in a life death rebirth cycle.... Everything.

I think it's time for us to just embrace the reality that this entire universe is built upon the idea or the concept of struggle as a tool for the expansion of growth. Our challenges have the ability to make us stronger, more confident, and inspire us to be more. 

So we have to ask ourselves what is this pulse or this push to have an end goal? For there to be some sort of finish line? To me, it seems like that is the true struggle. The mental torment that seems like reaching for a dream, but it's really a nightmare.

And as we sit here on the eve of 2020, the death and rebirth before us. We can ask ourselves what it would be like to completely surrender to the flow of Infinite Cycles. 

What if struggle was here to help us grow, to know ourselves, to dive deeper into our core. The

teacher... and the key which liberates us from that which we struggle from.

So here watching the snow fall, in a state of pure surrender, and a state of joy and bliss in being in this moment, there is a silent peace. Knowing this to is only a moment that I get to witness. we are all living in the only now moment that will ever be. let us all be the Observer, with neutral compassion as we observe, love,and  enjoy the beauty of creation in eternal movement. 

 As we infuse every thought and intention that we contribute into the pool of creation, what if we could honor every struggle that has been a gift to make us stronger.

As we go into the New Year, this is our opportunity to intentionally  breathe in all of our last year, in order to honor it, then breathe it out and let it go, as we step into the new birthing moment of now. 

With  Love, 

Becca Bee


  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for the reminder that we have the privilege of birth death rebirth every turn. AND each of our experiences is a layer that makes us our own individual I AM. Hugs and blessings

    1. Thank you! It is just a beautiful journey into remembering again!