Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Beloved Christos Sophia

Dearly Beloved  Christos Sophia, my heart overflows with your beauty. Your love and your grace. It is like I have travelled an eternity of journeys just be home with you again. My heart petals blossom and open in the radiance of your light. This feeling that if I could just open my heart even more and more, then I can feel you shinning in me even more. Mother, Creatrix Womb of all that is... the place of all beginnings. I honor the you in all that is around me. I honor the you that is me.  I AM that I AM. And so it is. (Becca)

The Divine Sophia is a mystery as much as an eternal truth. With the lost history of our planet, there is so much that has been lost in our connection with the Divine Mother. Our womb of creation. Christos Sophia, is the essence that is in all as we are in her. Knowing her is the absolute path of love and coming home.  

History has pretty much written the divine feminine out of the picture and replaced her with male dominated energy. To think of the idea of "God", more often than not, comes with the idea of a male figure. 

As we merge all of the teachings, we know that the divine masculine and feminine is expressed as gender within a body, but in the cosmos, in the light, it is expressed as Partiki Partika and Particum. The Matter , Anti-matter and Spirit (or intention). The electric and the magnetic, the positive and negative charges of energy. The spiraling codes of light. 

The Particles are what creates the tones of our Crystal Body. This Krystal Body is also know as the Christos Sophia body. It is the blueprint or architecture that allows the sycronistic phasing of energy to be inhaled and exhaled as an eternal spark of life. 

Christos Sophia is the primordial womb that all is birthed from, and that all exists within. She breathes inside of us, and each breath we take, is a breath of her living light and essence. 

She is the woven fabric of every morphogenetic field!

How this is expressed, depends on which density of perception we are viewing creation from. This is  the basis of Philosophy.  The word Philosophy come from the term Philosophia - which is the "Love of Sophia" which was coined by Pythagoras, one of the great teachers that shared the wisdom of Sophia. The axiom "Know Thyself" is about us knowing our Crystal Body again, our Christos Sophia. 

The splitting of the Hiros Gamos Union (union of the divine masculine and feminine) was one of our deepest wounds. It was the splitting of ourselves. The separation that cut us off from unity. The separation that left us lost to our self. 

The Lyran Wars was a key starting point for this schism. After the destruction of the planet from this war, beings felt lost, abandoned, and indebted to the chaos, either by feeling responsible for it, or victim to it. This was one of the major places where soul shards were fractured into millions of lower vibrational emotions and feelings.  

The truth was, this was our perception, this was what we created out of it. And we perpetuated that creation across all the universe. We have been continually creating the chaos that we are so desperate to fix.

The "Fixing" has always been right inside of us. Christos Sophia has always been breathing right inside of us.

We are in a beautiful moment where all the separation of the past is over, if we choose it. We are the ones that can take this now moment to delete all the beliefs that have blinded us to the truth of the divine. 

All these limiting beliefs about who or what "God" is, what religion is, our what debt or service that we owe to God. 

This week we are going to be going through a divine clearing of the deep seated divine limitations that we have been holding deep in our collective consciousness. Each of the wheels of light within attuned again to the living light. 

It is with great joy and honor that we can open our heart to being in love at this cosmic level again!

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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  1. Oh Becca! What joy this brings to my heart that we are being reentered into the sacred union. Thank you!