Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Have You Been Abducted?

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to another newsletter for our Thursday Circle! 
And with that, this weeks question.... "Have you ever been abducted?" 

This question probably makes you think of aliens or some cinematic abduction scene. But lets really
think about, what does abducted mean. 

past tense: abducted; past participle: abducted
  1. 1.
    take (someone) away illegally by force or deception; kidnap.

I want to bring to mind some of our past topics and really go a little bit deeper into our sovereignty and self determination of what free will really is. 

First of all, we have outlined the importance of mindfulness. The awareness of each moment and how we react or act to our environment around us or the things happening "to us". 

We have also discussed the importance of being a neutral compassionate witness to all that we are experiencing or witnessing.

And we have talked about clearing all victim programing and growing up spiritually into taking full responsibility for absolutely everything that we are witnessing or experiencing in our reality.

All of these are foundational for starting to live by the Law of One, and in heart based unity. 

This trinity then supports the idea of creating what you do want. Because your intentions are directing the electrons, which are reflecting your reality around you. 

Now I want to come back to the idea of abduction. 

We are in a reality where there are beings who do not want you to wake up and live a lucid life. Their main goal is to hijack your consciousness so that you willingly choose their agenda .... I mean "life"...... that they want you to choose. 

You know like, go to school, go to church, obey people of authority, don't question anything, jump through the hoops, get a job, get married, work till retirement and then .... enjoy paying all the medical bills till you die. 

Ok, I know, maybe the formulas differ slightly... but you know what I mean. 

We are programed to live a pre planned life that has really ZERO room or emphasis on spiritually growing your soul or ascending into your higher infinite god self. 

Now is the time to ask questions. Now is the time to question absolutely everything in your reality. If you like someone or don't like someone....ask yourself why. Do you actually know them, have you met them? Or are you making a judgment based on media, news or other peoples opinions? 

I find it fascinating, and slightly frustrating, that people can have so many opinions about people or places they have never even had any first hand experience with!

It is important to ask the questions, why are we being directed to live these soul shallow lives? Why is the majority of our energy and effort put into just maintaining a survival mode in this life? (Home, food, sleep, health, etc.)

Why are the controllers of this planet pushing the narratives that they are pushing? And more importantly, how do you start to notice these narratives and think for yourself? 

Abduction is the act of being taken....even through deception. 

Yes, there are actual physical abductions happening all the time, by humans and other planetary races. Missing time, implants and false memories are all part of this. 

But lets talk about the abduction that is happening to 100% of every humans on this planet. We are talking about mental or thought abduction.

Regardless of if you are aware of it or not, you are being abducted daily!

Nearly all of the thoughts you are having are not even yours. This is the main reason that I make such an emphasis on MINDFULLNESS!!!  When we observe absolutely every thought that we are having, then we do not react to them or act on them. We observe them, notice if they are ours or not, and then we can do the clearing work to cancel them from our field if they are not ours. Our job is to do the soul retrieval work and reclaim our sovereignty back, and the biggest place we do that is right inside our mind. 

Remember............ the Universal Law of Mentalism... All Is Mind... and if all is mind and your mind is abducted... then you are not free... you are a slave to the will of someone else. Simple as that. 

If something isn't working for you in your life.... then change it! Firstly, right inside your mind. Change your perceptions of it. Change your agreements with it. Change your karmic debt or contracts with it. Change your ancestral beliefs around it. Change it! 

Our job, if we choose it, is to create a high vibrational reality in this world. And we do that by living it, just being it, creating it..... loving it. 

This week we are going to be going into how the negative alien agenda is affecting our reality, how it is manifest on this reality, and most importantly, how do benevolent advanced races or higher dimensional beings really act like, and in what ways do they connect or interact with our reality.

We are taking the myth of our Earth History that reads like a fairy tale of mythological creatures, and we are going to bring our Galactic History to life as real beings, real dimensions and real communication and interaction. 

Yup, we are waking up and growing up. And that feels so good!

With Love,

Becca Bee

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