Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Service to Self - How Often Do We Choose That Path?

Welcome Beautiful Souls to another post. 

I am forever honored to be able to be a vehicle for these transmissions. This week the Guardians have been guiding me towards presenting the continual understanding from our density, of what it means to be a true vessel for the divine. What it really means to be sovereign, and what it truly means to be in service to others. 

As I type this, I take a breath and clear my mind, my body my spirit. I offer myself in complete service to the one infinite creator as a vessel of light upon this beautiful planet. 

Try this. 

Notice the shift in energy when you do this. 


Such a simple act, yet its transdimensionally powerful for the impact that it allows your energy to be. 

Now, Are you ready for this?  

The place to start with this simple act of being your higher self in physical form rests in the amount of awareness you have over the real estate that we call our mind. The Guardians can and have been speaking about this for thousands of years. Of the importance knowing our thoughts, our intentions and the way that we direct our mind. 

Whomsoever has control of your mind. has control over your mind, body and soul. 

And yet, it continually feels brand new to us when we hear it. Like it is some new revelation that we can actually create and direct our lives!

So, again remembering that the biggest battle that is occurring, is the battle for your consciousness. 

Let's look at some of the practical every day ways your consciousness is being directed. (aka Hijacked)

Opinions: Which is another way of saying JUDGEMENT. What do you judge or "have an opinion" about? Judgement of others, judgement of brands of clothing, looks, jobs, or desires? How important is the name brand of the clothes you are wearing, or the car you drive? Or how about the title of your profession? Could you just as easily say homeless with pride? Could you just as happily wear shoes or clothes from the general store? Or does the name brand of your jeans make you feel good? 

Beliefs: This is our moral compass. These are all the libraries of beliefs and debt you got handed when you were born. Your religious beliefs, God beliefs, abundance beliefs, worthiness, lovability & value beliefs. Right or Wrong beliefs. This is a huge dictating factor of what class of human you believe yourself to be. 

Guilt: Any time you feel a desire for moving towards your own personal truth and happiness, you will feel a sense of guilt if it goes against your Opinions or Beliefs. & vice versa,  All that goes against our truth, creates a sense of guilt inside of us. This is the best controller program ever invented. Guilt is you punishing yourself! If the mind control programs can get you to this place, this is the jack pot of all free will hijacking. You are your own judge and jury that will keep you in a perpetual prison for your entire incarnation. Unless you WAKE UP * STAND UP * TRUTH UP

Here is where the discord happens. When these hijackings of your consciousness occur, if they are not in alignment with divine truth, your truth, then you get distorted. You rebel. You contract your energy. 

And now you are in prime territory for acting in  SERVICE TO SELF.          What!? 

Yes, when you are in a state of lower vibration, afraid to speak you truth, act on your truth or live your truth, then the easiest way to rebel against the system is to be Passive Aggressive. 

Passive Aggressive is the act of rebelling against something we feel powerless against.  Or too scared to defy openly. 

Examples of passive-aggressive behavior might include avoiding direct or clear communication, evading problems, fear of intimacy or competition, making excuses, blaming others, obstructionism, playing the victim, feigning compliance with requests, sarcasm, backhanded compliments, and hiding anger.

Living in Service to Others requires us to let go of the game of fear. The only reason we feel fear is because we keep forgetting we are eternal beings. What is there to fear if you are a divine eternal being? You are Infinite consciousness. You have died to physical form SOOOOOO many times! Dyeing is not scary... but forgetting is. 

Let the animalistic instinctual survival fears go. 

Let Go. 

Remember you are an aspect of god having a physical experience. The purpose of that experience is to remember who you are. 

The mystery is, will you choose yourself. 

Will you choose the divine over any fears? Will you choose to be the vessel of your spirit and higher self. Will you trust the plan. Will you be a complete state of wonder, joy, happiness, and love.

When we can start to see all around us as just a different aspect of self, why would we ever choose to withhold love? 

Breathe the love back in. Breathe all of you back in. Stand up for your truth. Stop the games of being small and attacking others from the illusionary limitations you feel inside. If you feel trapped in life...then set yourself free!

Feel the truth for yourself. Let these words that are right for you, reach you. Take the old moral compass you were given at birth and throw it away. Ask now for your real compass to be returned to you, and open you heart to receive it. 

You are so loved!


Becca Bee

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