Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Howl Like the Wolf Full Moon From the Heart


Hello Beautiful Souls! 

I am so honored to be here again, typing words to share with you. There is an energy in the world right now of a stillness between breaths. There has been so much movement, and a charged energy for disclosure, change and the revealing of truth to the world, and now a pause. This pause, we are witnessing, is creating a confusion in many. The gates of the Head and Ajna (Human Design centers) are filled with confusion, doubt, uncertainty, anxiety and the wonder of what to even believe in. 

These are the moments where we get to find where the seat of our truth is. And with that I invite you to take my hand and drop into your heart. Be the breath of your heartbeat. Be the love in your heart. Find the Divine right inside of you. And then from there look out into the world around you. 

Look with compassionate eyes. 

With the Wolf Full Moon in Leo upon us, we are being called out to howl our truth. To stand up, been seen. Have courage. The Full Moon is like giving birth to our creation. The fullness of who we are and what we are here to speak. 

And I ask you again.... drop into your heart. 

Find the true voice within. 

There is so much noise all around us pulling our attention, vying for our consciousness.

(Here I go again... the phrase I say over and over.... the biggest battle on this planet, is the war over your consciousness!

This week we are going to take the opportunity in meditation to go deeper into the heart. To heal the light fibers of the morphogenetic fields of our blueprint to reconnect them back to the magnet of our heart. Back to command central of our true guidance.

As we do, we can also harness the lines of communication that Mercury offers us. As we are on the doorstep of our first Mercury Retrograde of 2021, starting on the 30th, we can use this powerful energy to go inward, assess the data, filter through the crap and really get clear on what is worth bringing forward into the next phase of our life. 

Our voice, our worth, what we deserve, how we receive. These are collective wounds that we hold. We all hold them to some degree, yet we feel alone or isolated in our pain. The deepest wound of lightworkers and starseeds is that we feel held back, limited, scared or lost as to what we came here to be. 

And a huge part of this wound is this complete feeling of confusion about what to trust and a frustration from feeling cut off from clear communication with our guidance.  

The answer is in the quandary. ...Trust. 

And this trust is right through the doorway of our heart,  the place where this trust gets to grow, live, bloom and thrive!

I share this because I know this path as personally as every other light worker on the planet. And I can
assure you, the heart holds all that we are searching for. 

Our demon is the false programming in the mind. Our very own thoughts are the things stopping us. 

Let's continue to be the higher vibration breaking down the walls of limitations of our mind. Let's find the fear and shine the light into darkness. 

Planet Earth is just the start. This is the place were we are becoming awake and aware cosmic citizens to the destructive satanic control that has been dominating this planet. And we are taking it back! We are taking it back now! And as pillars of light I continually ask each of you to stand strong with me. Hold the faith, hold the truth, hold the light. Because, we are taking our entire Solar System back too! 

And it all starts with the gates of our consciousness. We take back our mind, we take back the world! We are the pillars of First Cause Light! Feel the power you hold right inside of you. Feel the power right inside your heart. 

I love you so much,

Becca Bee

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