Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Moksha * Liberation from the Wheel of Reincarnation


Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am loving the sunshine peeking through today and the warmer weather making it feel like a beautiful Spring day. It is amazing how little things can transport us into different states of mind. Different perceptions and feelings come and go just like the floating of clouds through the sky don't they?

Our perceptions come from the landscape of our mind. The most powerful influencer of these perceptions is our memories held in the lower aspects of our subconscious mind. If any of you have had a session with me, you will hear me refer to this aspect of our programing as our "guard dog".

Our guard dog is that part of the control program of our body/vehicle that is designed to keep us safe, to protect us and to make sure the body/vehicle stays alive. 

A vital bit of information that is good for us to know, is that our guard dog only has access to the past. It has NO connection to our higher self or source. 

The guard dog's only job is to keep our body safe. 

So, if our perceptions are mainly (almost 100%) based on our past, how is that helping us create our future? If we are constantly dragging the past forward, we have no choice but to recreate the past into our future. 

I'm a no!

This is where we start to get deeper into Mindfulness and Discernment... & Opening our awareness to the greater influences on our Mind, and knowing our Galactic History. 

Because history is also repeating itself

So when we know where all the influence is coming from, then we get to Choose, we get to see what works for the new dream, and what is ready to be deleted, cleared and let go. 

This week we are going to talk more about the influences that are moving the movies of our mind. Because, it is important to know that everything we see, hear, smell, experience, has been well thought out by someone or something else. 

There is an entire science of psychology to how advertising is done, even down to how your grocery store is laid out. It is crazy to actually realize how much of our life has been planned out for us and we didn't even know!

Colors, shapes, sigil, sounds, lighting.... all of this plays on our perception. Our fractalized world is a play on the dimensions of light. And I do emphasize the word play. Because, everything I am sharing with you is child's play for technologically advanced races. 

So in order for us to break free from these spells, we are going to go a bit further into understanding timelines, and the origin of parasitic beings and the desires of the technologically advanced beings. And more importantly how to detox them out of our consciousness. Because we have the right to know who we are, how we got here, what we are doing AND, how to leave when we are ready. 

This is so important for us to remember, to remember we have a choice. And we have the right to questions absolutely everything that is playing out in the movie of our life. And WAY WAY WAY more importantly, we have the right to transcend this physical realm with our memories, and choose where we go next. (not be recycled/reincarnated) 

You might be wondering, what choices do I have? What do you mean I get to choose where I go after this lifetime? 

To all of this, yes. This is us growing up and waking up. And with this we get the choice. Do you want to keep reincarnating here and living this dualistic Earth life over and over again? Or are you ready for Moksha? 

With Love, 

Becca Bee

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