Thursday, February 11, 2021

Who's Stories Are You Telling?

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am going to tell you it has been a bit of a wild ride for me. I was so honored to get to share my Solar Return with so many loving hearts, and I am reminded each and every day how incredibly blessed I am, and what beauty there is around us all. 

This beauty is in the stillness of nature, the laughter of friends, the love of our pets... I could go on and on!

So when I feel the waves of overwhelm come over me. (Yes, I do have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus) I, take a breath and remember, that I am the one creating all of it. Part of this wave that has been washing up on my shores, is profound journey work that I have been going on. 

This journey work was initiated by some new guides I am working with. I want to share an incredible journey I went on with a blue Mantis aspect of me, but I think I will do that in a video since it was a long journey. 

So, I am working with some beautiful new guides. And this work is amplifying the resonate frequencies within me, therefore, rattling open some new rusty cages that get to be healed and cleared. I know every process I go through, is a path cutter adventure in order to share the path with others. And in this next adventure, I would like to offer some deeper insight into our gestation in the womb and our birth patterns we experienced when we entered into this lifetime.

As our souls venture into the deeper densities, our light bodies take on the slower more restricted carbon based forms. In some months past, I broke down the different Harmonic Universes, and our consciousness and body forms within them. 

You can revisit some of those posts here

I am going to bring some of this information a little more current and closer to home now. As we step down our consciousness, our morphogenetic fields hold our patterns of all our higher stations of identity. Any collapsed light waves, or timeline manipulations, begin to become more pronounced and more visible the deeper down in density we go. 

And here we are right in the think of the lowest density!

With that, we can find many times that our very gestation within the womb of our mother, as well as the birth and snapshot of characters in our very early childhood, are the richest sources of knowledge for our distortions in our light fields. 

With mindfulness, we already know how to catch the record player of stories that play in our heads. Every thought, feeling and emotions that arises, we can be the neutral loving witness and love it back to wholeness. 

It is this loving it back to wholeness that is the key. 

(Spontaneous message from the guides...)

Open your heart, let the light come in. Let yourself be taken by the waves and frequencies that are pulsing through you. Each wave is telling a story. Each one holds a library of information. You are too closed off to understand this language most of the time because you are too focused outward, to your environment around you on this earth. But the waves that are moving through you are holding the key to the knowledge of the universe. Each one is telling a story with a language of light. These lights have distortions, in the that when you follow them to their origin, many times you are going to see a manipulation to that light stream coming from an outside source. 

This is the parasitic or NAA influence that you are so aware of. They are high jacking your frequencies right inside of you but you don't know it. And many of these frequencies play like a song repeating itself like a record. Playing a saying or a belief about yourself over and over again. Or more commonly, they are playing a mind slide or a movie, that was implanted in you at a very young age that makes you focus on a very limited energy about your childhood or your childhood memories. 

These frequency bands are specifically designed to keep the human mind internalizing and locked into limited or self sabotaging  beliefs. This is where the implants of the victim programs, and all others in this same vibration live. They (NAA) like for humanity to keep doing therapy to validate and confirm the acceptance of these programs. As long as people think it is theirs, or that it was because of their limiting childhood, then they will never look outside to the original source of these parasitic thought waves. 

Notice how you even attribute it to your family tree, or to the genetics that you are holding in your cellular structure. Your entire body is a living library, just as the planet you live on is. And some of the information that you are operating from or holding, was implanted in you generations ago. Because of this, they have been adopted, and with no living memory of where they came form, you own them as your own. 

Do not forget, the false memories or highlighted emotions that are triggered in you, keep you focused on a small vibrational frequency band of your past. We want to clarify this. If someone was to ask you to tell the memories of your childhood, or your beliefs about how loved or unloved you are, you will have very specific memories that you return to. You do not have fluid access to the movie of your childhood. It is fragmented at best and distorted across timelines. 

The amount of missing access you have to your memories makes it impossible for you to have clear access to your knowing or knowledge. Because of this, it is vital to clear out the mind slides, the false memories, and to request to go to the origin of all sources of your emotional triggers or signals. 

Each frequency band that moves through you is an open access to the source stream of where it is originating, which means you can return to the moment of it's inception regardless of what timeline is started on. This will lead you to seeing or experiencing many things that you may question. You may find yourself in laboratories, stations, or with other beings of different genetics than you. You may even experience significant moment of implanted curses or choices made by earlier generations. None of this requires your mental input to try to figure it out. 

We are offering you the opportunity to honor and acknowledge a representation of the source point of the collapsed light wave in order for you to restore balance flow again. The more you can open your heart in these moments and express the love flow as a healing elixir, the more the stagnant infected energy can leave your field of life light. (end)

Our morphogenetic fields are the frequency bands of light codes made manifest in physical form. As we catch the stories, the emotions and the triggers highlighting inside of us, we can choose something new. 

Our main biggest hurdle, is going to be our own self. 

The truth is, we have become so accustomed to the stories we tell, that we feel uncertain, scared or even naked, if we were to give them up. The big questions then surfaces..."who am I".

And beyond that, there is one program in specific that I will highlight now and that we will bring forward this evening and it is...Wearing the Badge of Suffering.

One of the snakiest and most subtle programs we don't even know is there!

As always, I am honored to be on this journey of anchoring our divine awareness into this carbon based experience.

Let's be the resonate frequencies of love and change

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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