Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How to Use Morphogenetic Fields


Happy New Day Beautiful Souls, 

The Sun is in full bloom here today as I write this post. It feels so good to connect with all the rays beaming down on me. It was such a beautiful reminder of all the frequency rays and bands all around us. A perfect start to the writing of this post, since the Guardians have been nudging this next presentation for months now. 

And this next unfolding is the development of our own personal understanding and skills in healing through morphogenetic fields. 

Healing ourselves, and being an agent of healing for others. 

"All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint, which exists as a quantity of crystalline (that's why it's also called crystal body), electro-tonal energetic substance that is composed of specific patters of frequency."  (MCEO Freedom Teachings)

Ascension Mechanics is about learning our energy bodies and learning how to navigate our energy with higher consciousness and awareness. 

Some of the base fundamental understandings that we build our Spiritual Maturity on are: 








These are some of the base internal compasses that we hold as we start to repair our timelines. 

"Morphogenetic Fields (MF) are comprised by templates of conscious light and sound which serves as blueprints on which matter form and conscious identity will manifest. This occurs microcosmically and macrocosmically. 
Therefore, the universe is one massive field of consciousness embracing and containing all other forms where all experiences of reality and manifestation takes place." 
(MCEO Freedom Teachings)

As we start to step into developing or practicing our abilities to heal through energy field or morphogenetic fields, we may find our self facing our limiting beliefs or limitations about what we feel we can or can't do. Working with our crystalline bodies, energy body templates requires us to step away from our conventional five senses and begin to trust our higher sensory perceptions. 

And we are all uniquely different in how we perceive!

What this means, is that in order to become more for ourselves and others, we need clear out our limiting internal dialog, to quiet all the self doubt and to surrender to trusting our higher self. 

The Ascension path is filled with mirrors of our past, mirrors of our ancestors & mirrors of the distortions of Earth, our world around us is a hall of mirrors.  Each mirror is reflecting something that is asking for healing, and gives us the opportunity to bring back into a state of love. 

Our goal is to have our mirrors reflecting our true higher self. 

One of the initiation energies for the Speak to the Fire Soul Circle, was to create a sacred circle where those who were ready, could "speak" what they were ready to clear and transmute, though the "fire", as a way of freeing distortions from ones field. This is also another way of describing Transfiguration. The complete morphosis of one form into another. 

This is not an easy path to take. To be honest, it is not for those wanting just an easy path through this life. It takes a strong magnetic pull from ones heart to face our fears and triggers in life! And that's not even bringing into account the "ascension symptoms" that come up for us from time to time. 

But as we step into the fundamental understandings listed above we have a solid place to stand in our truth. A truth that guides us through clearing what does not serve anymore, manifesting what we do choose, and being the frequency that we know we came here to be. 

With this in mind, we will be going into a deeper understanding of our Morphogenetic Fields aka our Crystalline Body through the different dimensions. We will go into how the fields are created, how they hold memory and how each one is acting like a holographic projector as the light moves down into the lower dimensions and eventually solidifies into our physical manifest reality. 

As we learn the mechanics, we can then understand more and more how our thoughts are directing these codes, and more importantly how to collapse the distortions and pull in the new morphogenetic blueprints of health, vitality and love. 

Energy Healing!

As always, I am so grateful to each and every one of you for the courage you live everyday by living the path of your heart. 

With Love, 

Becca Bee

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