Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Story Telling VS Creating

Hello Beautiful Souls!

The sun is shinning again today, I love it! This week has been a powerful week for transformation. I want to thank all of you that came to the Family Constellations workshop for your energy you shared in this process. The next one will be at the end of the month. 

This week, the guidance is to highlight an energy that can surface when we are on the healing path. 

As we go through these types of processes, and all of the clearing work that we do, there is a human tendency for us to start to look for what is wrong...what is broken...or what needs to be healed or "fixed" next. Please know that this is just the programming and human design of our mind. It likes to be busy! 

Clearing work is potential mental quicksand

There is a difference in the frequency between mindfulness and clearing what doesn't serve vs and the mental focus on healing.

As we become true cosmic citizens, we know that the mind is a trap... it is the matrix that we are stuck in. It is the dominant source of all of our perceptions in this hologram of the first harmonic universe experience. 

We know, but have a hard time perceiving, that the higher harmonic universes are far more in tune with creating from the mind (and universal mind). Manifestation is about intently directing the flow of the cosmic source into being what you create. Therefore, in the 4th dimension and higher, just like in the dream world, you can Intend/Focus/Mentalism, your reality into existence. 

This is also why we are required to be more adult in our emotions before we are really brought into
unity intelligence, because most everyone on this planet is just flinging their thoughts and emotions around. ...Thoughts that are NOT unity based. 

LOL, we still think that our thoughts don't matter. Humans are walking around on Earth right now talking shit about people in their mind, but they think it's not doing anything. 

Well, in 4D up, your thoughts are on loud speaker..... so if you are judging someone in your thoughts, everyone "hears" it. And not only that, the photonic energy waves that your thoughts and emotions are sending.... everyone notices them. 

If we could get this, we would really begin to understand Karma and Cause & Effect much better. Every thought, feeling and emotion that you are emanating, is sending out ripple waves though the universe which will in some way, always come back to you. 

So how does this relate to the stories we tell? Think about it. Every thought creates a ripple in the universe. So how powerful do you think that ripple is when you actually move that thought out your vocal cords and amplify it with your words/sound/frequency?

Every word you speak is coding your entire life experience here. 

So, if you keep telling the same stories... your mind is stuck in a rut. In that proverbial quicksand of the past. So now you are living the same story over and over and over. You are looping. 

But were do your words come from?

Ahhhhh, this is the key. This is why mindfulness is so important. And this is were we are going to get adept now on the subtle frequency change into being a Creator. 

Your words and thoughts come from your mind, which is programed from your past. It is your vehicle. (Human Design) Your mind is your tool. 

You mind is also the least trustworthy resource you have in this life experience. It is coded with frequencies, frequencies that were input from your childhood, your shadows, your ancestral debt, and from negative forces (NAA) that don't want you to remember your incredible gifts and capabilities. 

We talked before about how you are being abducted daily, and this abduction is taking place in your mind. In your thoughts, and directing how your think and what you perceive.

As spiritual adults, we need to practice a level of vigilance by paying attention to all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are filtering through us and our experience. 

Mindfulness and Focus. 

Mindfulness isn't about looking for what is wrong - it is about being an observer. 

And as an observer, our focus is the equal fulcrum to the equation of creation. 

We can sit in mindfulness and just watch our thoughts like clouds. We can even catch the clouds and do the clearing statements and revocations to delete them from our reality. But without focus, all we are doing is sitting and being an observer of the past. 

All those clouds are moving through us because of the frequency ripples we created from our past. (cause & effect) But now what? This is the line between, clearing karma - and stepping off the karmic wheel completely. Notice the action that was just implied? "Stepping" 

We have to get off our ass and move into a new way of being. Step into being! Be YOU at a whole new level. Something that is going to require a new mind, new thoughts and new actions. 

Focus is the action step. 

The next questions is....What are your thoughts focused on? You are going to have to watch your mind like a baby in a non childproofed world. Vigilantly.  

Again....we are not looking for wrong thoughts (because that would be creating them) we are watching. 

Watching, and Creating. 

So what is creating? How do we do this magical manifestation of our reality the way we want it? INTENTION. Intention and Focus. If we want our day to be happy. Our focus has to be on happy. We have to create it in our world, we have to see it, to feel it....TO BE IT! 

It's easy to see what is wrong in our life, or what we don't like. Great job, we all mastered that class already. Now, let's do something new. We are at a new level of creating.  

Each morning what is your first thought when you wake up? 

When you think about your yourself, how do you think about you?

Pretty much every thought or belief we have about our self, was implanted in there by someone else. Just the fact that we probably had a childhood with emotionally fractured human parents, means we have some reprogramming to do. But they have become so normal, so comfortable, or you may not even know this life in any other way, so they feel real. 

As the mindful observer, now you know there is a new way. But you have to dream it into being. This is our next step of our evolution, is learning how to walk /  think again. 

We are going to get strong in our mind about speaking into reality our new joy, happiness, health, love & self. Any clouds that come floating by, we observe them, thank them for showing us the coded programing in our mind, cancel them, delete them....all while staying focused on what we are recoding into our reality. 

Being the neutral compassionate witness is incredibly powerful. Because neutrality doesn't feed the old programs. Emotions do. 

And from this place, we are going to learn some new techniques for addressing these voices in our head, what their purpose is, and how we can lead them in a whole new direction. And with this we are going to grow our voice by speaking consciously as a creator. For example, instead of saying "I'm so depressed".... the creation comes from the subtle shift into "There is a feeling of depression that I am noticing". 

One is victim speak, the other, a powerful statement that holds potential for change.

If there was one thing you could change in your life right now, that would make the biggest difference for you, what would that be? 

Please bring that thought with you to our Soul Circle, this is the transformation that we are going to create together. To continually develop our spiritual language of the soul, and speaking our reality into creation, by the power of our words. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee💓🐝

Here is a great affirmation meditation that is a great tool for focusing thoughts in a new way at the start of your day. 

TRY IT FOR 1 DAY! You Won't Regret It! 528 hz
"I AM" Affirmations For Success, Wealth & Happiness

I also recommend that you become aware of some of the patterns that get created in our childhood from Narcissist / Co-Dependent parents. (And I do recommend his book and youtube channel) Knowledge is power, and empowers us to be able to do the clearing and revocations with more focus and intention....& Love. 

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