Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Elevating Our Vibration Through Mindfulness

Elevating Our Vibration Through Mindfulness & 
How to Communicate with Higher Dimensional Beings

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Souls, 

We are on a happy role of sunshine! I am loving the rays of love that warm our face. Today I sat out by the lavender plant meditating in the sun rays as I listened to all the birds celebrating around me.  There was so much commotion and energy as Earth Mother sang her song of life. 

This last week has been an inward journey, even as the world is blooming around me, I felt the pull inwards as new initiations were taking place. The polarity of sensing excitement and energy all around me, and the stillness within. 

I'd also like to add, that this phase of the lunar cycle is were the Full Moon is emptying out into the surrender of the New Moon, and there is an opportunity for us to sense our cup emptying again so that we can experience the fertile ground for the seeds of our intentions to plant into the darkness of the next new moon. 

With this I would like to share a message from the Guardians this last week:

(From a meditation)

"Open your minds eye to the inner truth that your heart is speaking. It is so subtle and without words. It is a feeling sense with waves that move about you. Almost as if you are the ocean, and each wave that laps against the shore is really just a way for you to touch, taste, experience, another, and to communicate and exchange energy. 

You think that the waves are just movement, but they are so much more, they are communication... this exchange of experience we speak of is the key to beginning to understand telepathic communication. For many on earth still bound to a language, you think of telepathy as a conversation and exchange of words, sentences or thoughts that are strung out much like you communicate with your audible language. But telepathy is so much more. 

It is an entire download of a package of experiences that get exchanged simultaneously. Your mind would never be able to process or understand all of the layers of communication that was just shared. It is the difference between telling someone about a story in your past, versus giving them all of your memories, thoughts, feelings and experiences of you in that past memory. How do you translate all of that to your limited verbal language? 

You get so caught up in the doing, in the actions, in the remembering of all the steps. You get caught in the momentum of the mind. So even when you sit in meditation to communicate with us, or any higher dimensional beings, you are attempting to do so with your mind, your words and your language. This creates a barrier for us in how we can reach you, because you, in essence, are shutting out your awareness to every other receptor of telepathy by needing things to come to you in a certain way. You are in a tunnel vision that blocks out all else. 

But more than that, your mind chatter creates a static that dampers your vibration. Even in mediation, you are so busy! We share again, being is not an action, it just is. It is what you are when you let go of needing things to be anything. You are so mission driven that when you meditate you worry about doing the steps right, breathing right, thinking about your light bodies right, your chakras right, talking to your guides right... the list goes on and on, and then when you come out of meditation, your mind is right there attempting to put into words what experience you just had, while trying to figure out "what does it all mean". 

In all of this, you are only bringing your awareness through your heart  30% to 40% of the time in the meditation, and as you come out of meditation, that drops to 5% as soon as the wheels of you mind turn, your attention lifts you away from your heart and up into the cloud around your head. 

We understand how interested many of you are in making contact with you guides, your higher self, and with beings from higher dimensional places. In order to do this, you must shine your light body bright as a signal to us that you are open, ready, at a vibration that you can even communicate or receive the transmissions with which we communicate in. 

If we could relay to you an understanding, that there is much going on in the first and second densities (dimensions 1 through 6), and we are truly eager to work with you. So please know, that it is of upmost importance to us to focus on those that are choosing the experience for service to others, not as a parlor trick to share with friends.  It is not a matter of us wasting our time, but our energy is directed towards those that are choosing to make the greatest waves from our connection. We are directing our intentions and energy towards beings who have the highest probability for altering the timeline towards unity consciousness. 

You all have guardians that are guiding you. And you are even watching over yourself from your future timelines. You are continually being offered beams of direction and guidance. So please know that you are never alone, you are always held with intentions of love. You are so loved and so honored. And respected. We also honor universal law,  which means that until you choose, we do not impose our will EVER on your path or your choices. 

 At this time in this timeline, there is a battle raging for your soul and your consciousness. A battle that ceases to exist the moment you take sovereignty over your lives. Open your hearts to hear us communicating with you. Feel the waves of consciousness we share with you of you star lineage, your divinity and how loved and welcomed you are. 

All of the Earth plane holds pockets of your memories. Find yourself by lifting the veils of your heart, and listening to the telepathic memories that are being returned to you. Sit in nature, listen to the breeze. Go deep into the layers of the earth and listen. Feel the sun on our face. And always, listen from your heart. 

Mindfulness is the tool that allows you to watch your mind as is rattles like an angry feral animal panicking for its life. Continue to use the tools you are given as the means to cast out the demons from your mind, the trapped energy from your nervous system. Continue to purge the miasma, all while being in the state of full communication from your heart. 

It is ok to unplug. It is ok to let go. All the fear you ever imagined in your life, it all came from your mind. Now is the time, if  you are ready, to speak to us, connect with us, live with us. The doorway has always been, right inside your heart."

It is so comforting to feel the message that was relayed. I can say personally, that there is a busyness inside of me. (as a manifesting generator, doing is part of my design) I feel it prodding me to be busy, busy in my thoughts, busy about what I need to get done..  even just distracted busy. As if me washing the dishes is really going to make any difference (other than in my mind) about how much I can empty myself and be in a mindful moment of meditation. 

We have created our own distractions. And now we have an opportunity to find the balance

Each week we talk about create the world you want to experience. To be who and what we are choosing to be. Now we are being invited to take that in a layer further. Let's start to catch the chatter the mind is spewing in our moments of stillness. Every time we listen and exchange energy from the heart, what is the mind using as a distraction?  (or every time you think to do something in the way of mindfulness or meditation, what busy thing does the mind created for you to do first?)

I invite each of you to take a moment this week to just close your eyes and let the sun warm your face. And telepathically, exchange communication from the heart. 

Reminder.... our entire society, daily life, rules, and the world we live in is completely made up. Just for one moment, can you step out of it, be in heart coherence with the rays of the sun, the wind, the water....universal consciousness. let them share their world with you, their memories with you. Your only ask of your self is... can you listen?

With so much love, from my heart to yours,

Becca Bee

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