Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Your Mind is Your Reality

 Hello Beautiful Souls,

Today we are going to go a little abstract and add a bunch of facts in just for fun, to play with our mind, and all of the possibilities that we can create. 

If you would have told me my entire reality was in my mind when I was a child, I would have argued you. I would have given you a pile of excuses as to why I had no input or choice in my reality and that I was a victim to my circumstance. This is an argument that most people on the planet still live by. That their reality is a hard fact, and that they have little to no power to change it. 

At this point, we know better now. 

We know that our mind creates our reality (law of mentalism).

And we have talked about how our field creates our physical reality.  - how things show up in the field before they show up in our actually body.  (morphogenetic fields) 

(so we could say that our mind is a field)

We have also explored how our aura is a plasma field of radiant energy around us that has a magnetic charge to it. It pulls towards us what we hold in our field. 

And, we have also talked about how your subconscious and your body are one in the same. That the records of your ancestors are held in your cellular memory and your DNA, as well as all of your belief systems, pains, traumas and your personal memories and experiences. Your body holds all of your records right inside of you. 

Now I want to add a neuroscientist perspective as we build this knowing field even larger. It is known that you are not your mind, your brain or your body. You are consciousness. Your consciousness is having an experience through your body. Your body is your vehicle. (Human Design)

You don't process your thoughts in your body, but in the field around you. (this also supports our talk on how your aura is your plasma field which allows you to hold more of your consciousness... and your memories!) 

Here is a quote from Caroline Leaf...

"So the physical brain and body, we could say, if you want an estimate, is around about one to 10 percent of who we are as humans. And the mind, the nonconscious, conscious, and subconscious are about 99 percent of who we are. And a lot of work [has] been done in physics and quantum physics and gravitational fieldwork. A couple of Nobel Prize-winning scientists a couple of years back won the Nobel Prize for their work in gravitational fields, which is opening up enormous doors and avenues for us to start understanding the force of the mind. But it’s like the mind is this gravitational field around you and in you, and its relationship to express your mind, you have to have your brain and your body. For your brain and your body to be alive, you have to have your mind." Caroline Leaf (read the full article here)

Who you are, what you do, and how you feel about who you are and what you do is all a perception from your mind. The same mind that is the least reliable resource you have on this planet. 

In Human Design we have some incredible tools that help us to start to navigate this confusion that we get from our shadowy gates. 

The basic, yet vital, part of the Human Design System, is to know you Type, Strategy and Inner Authority. This is the foundation of us deprogramming ourselves from all the "not self" that we have been operating from. 

There is a thought that comes with this, that in 7 years, we have the potential to start living as our true self, as we dedicate to the path of living our design. This is a simple enough thing to think about, since our cellular structure holds all the voices of our limiting beliefs and our ancestors. And it takes approximately 7 years to fully regenerate the body. (This is also a significant cycle in astrology with our Saturn Cycles.)

This weeks group, we are going to be going a few layers deeper into the Human Design System into what is known as the Primary Health System. 

Mind is the totality of our experience here, how we process thoughts, how we perceive things and how we believe and think. These are the foundations of how we live this life. 

The mind can be our greatest tool, or our most dangerous enemy. It is the gate way for our consciousness to interact in this reality, and it is also the easiest part of our vehicle (body) to highjack and manipulate. So this creates a new understanding of how important mindfulness is, how important discernment is, and how important doing the inner work truly is. 

In the Primary Health System part of Human Design, we get into the base tones and colors beneath the lines. This is known as a Magic Square

This Magic Square is all about how the mind works correctly for you. That is mind is a vehicle for this experience, then we need to know our correct, environment, how it process, and how to feed it correctly so that it feels calm and at peace.

Are we Left or are we Right... this is the big question that our Magic Square answers, and this tells us so much about how to nurture our mind correctly so that we can lower the stress, anxiety, and discord. It is not just about living our type and strategy, but beyond that there is unique aspect to you that need to be supported in order for you to feel a level of comfort in your life. 

And as with most things, this is not something that we know about so, most of us are not living in the most harmonious way to settle our mind. 

We live by our mind, we create by our mind, we experience through our mind. Even when we drop into our heart, and surrender....mind is ever present in this living reality. 

This week we are going to explore this tool that we have fought with most our lives, and learn to nurture it into serving us as a true vehicle of our divine mission. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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