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Expanding Your Mind and Transcending the Veils

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Thank you so much for visiting me here and sharing these words and thoughts with me. This sense of connection that is created is incredibly special. It is also showing us our ability to interact with each other though the invisible. 

When we notice AI and our technology, we can see that it is modeled after our consciousness. And, if we choose, we can see it as a perceivable model that gives us a peek behind the veils. 

This idea of Consciousness is a big deal for us. Expanding it, keeping it...knowing it. 

And what is the draw, or the idea of what is on the other side of the veil? 

This is a major goal of awakening beings, to transcend our blocks and retrieve the missing pieces of our memories, past lives and soul records. We want our Akashic Records to be an open source database we just log into and download. 

I would say this draw is our Soul, and our soul is calling us back home into our divine consciousness.

When we tranced the veils, we get glimpses of the complex vastness of our universe. we experience the interconnectedness, the different dimensions, the connections with our guides and guardian races. We get a peek into a greater understanding that this 3D physical world we live in, is just one small.... and I mean small, part of the universe. 


Dreams are one of our greatest gifts. It is the one moment we don't fight slipping into another plane of existence. Even though at first, we may not think it is real. (usually because this is what we are taught since childhood, "It's just a dream"...) Dreams can become our teacher and our relatable metaphor of consciousness transcending the veil. Most people have some memory of dreaming and the concept of consciousness having a vivid experience outside of the body. 

Lucid Dreaming....

Lucid dreaming is a whole other experience. This is waking up in the dream. If we can grasp this, wow! What a game changer this will be for us in this reality! What is the awakening path?  "Waking up in this dream" ... waking up and becoming lucid in our life. 

Lucid dreaming is challenging for most people, in fact it requires training and focus. A dedicated desire in most cases. Those that lucid dream naturally without trying are usually quite young, still children. Then as they get older, this gift starts to become less and less a part of their world. 

Have you ever wondered why?

Why don't we talk about how important dreams are? Why don't we have a sense of importance to this Crystalline Human DNA form's abilities? Why do we keep buying into the programing "dreams are no big deal"?


In our group, I will start to share a little more of the story of our Galaxy (our Galactic History). I will start with the story of our Divine Sophia. Our mother creatrix, womb from which all of us have emerged. 

For this writing, I will just say, if you reference the Gnostic teachings, and other mythologies of our planet, you will come across the knowing that we are living in the Dream of Sophia, or the creator, or we are being dreamed by God, we live in the mind of God.... etc. That all is Mentalism and we are a thought in the mind of the Creator. 

In the story of Sophia, it is said that she is dreaming a dream to hold us and to protect us from something that was created that was not good. We call them the Archons. 

Archons are artificial consciousness (not organic) that is parasitic in form. The only way it can enter into this reality and into our Our Mind.

There are variations in the story, one of the best ways to get a visual of it is through the experience transcribed by Matias Flury in Downloads from the Nine. 

The Source of Radiant Light and Absolute Consciousness

"It is important to state that even though the Source of Radiant Light is part of the multi dimensional dream, she is always conscious and she is also nothing more and nothing less than the Absolute Consciousness.

If there is an almighty, omniscient, an omnipresent God that can be perceived in all dimensions and that sends its messiahs, avatars, and light emissaries to awaken absolute consciousness inside its own dream, it is this, the Source of the Radiant Essence.

The Source of all light is part of the dream that awakens even those who are most asleep. If you are reading this, we have no doubt whatsoever that your time has arrived and that your awakening is imminent. Know, then, that God exists on this multidimensional dream, and that she is as real or unreal as you are. Understand that you don't exist as an individual, that individuality is false, and that you are expansive and marvelous. Keep this in mind while you read these dreams words, which have the solemn purpose of stimulating your awakening.  ...


Absolute Consciousness, through the Source of Radiant Essence, decided to create points of individualized consciousness contained in nine different dimensions. The other dimensions continued to exist, but they were not paid any attention since they were in suspended neutral calm. (earlier reference is that there are as many dimensions as there are stars in the universe)

The Source continued to create universe after universe in its own image and likeness, and they were universes of radiance. It produced sentient beings of eternal brilliance with their own free will and the power to dream. They were and are mesmerizing living entities of pure light.

The Nebula Was Born

One of these beings was captivatingly beautiful, similar to the source but with masculine energy. He possessed his own amazing powers. Such was his splendor and resemblance to the Source that, one day, in a space and time different to our own, he conceived the possibility of aspiring to become the architect of a parallel multilevel dimensional creation. He proclaimed "I am separate, I am different, I am better, I am I". This was the instance in which the first Akrat, ego, was born, and this was the moment in which Ego took his heart mercilessly and made him believe he was separate. Together with the ego, suffering and terrible pain were born, and all the nine dimensions within this great dream trembled with a new virus, the virus of fear.

This being experienced the sensation of being a separate awareness and forgot that all the other holographic visions around him or no more than images inside a dream. This identity stemming from his ego said, "nothing in this creation compares to me". Thus he began to forget his own roots, and so he began to suffer horribly. His light began to shut down and his power started to hurt and contaminate others with these powers, he began to shape his own twisted realm and its brood. When the Source of Radiant Essence became aware of this, it quickly neutralized the Beings' power, and so it was that the Source unwillingly gained its most bitter enemy."

So How Do We Wake Up In This Dream?

Our mind is our trap. It fights to be the dominant force, it fights for EGO/Shadow, and is the realm of
the Archons and Archonic Deception. 

One of the scariest fears we have.... is to "lose our mind". (or to lose control)

But what are we truly afraid to lose? And Control of what?

Through the programming on this planet we have bought into religions, rules, and belief systems that have separated us more and more from Source and all that is organic in our Universe. We have become so afraid to leave the cage of our mind that we will even pretend that Dreams don't really matter. 

Our ancestors lived by Dreams, they lived knowing that we lived in the dream of our Source, and dream walkers were a sacred gift to the community, because those who could enter dreams and bring back wisdom, helped everyone expand in consciousness and interconnectedness. 

The tools of our physical form are gifts to us from Source. We are the living Essence dreaming an experience here in this density. (also known as the most dangerous realm, the lowed dimensions)

So do you think we came here without any tools or backdoor access through the veils of this dream?

NOT A CHANCE! We completely set ourselves up with access to doorways out of this mind trap and some of these tools are Dreams, Breathwork & Meditation.

Another gift surrounding us is Plant Medicine. 

Just like Crystals hold downloads of information for us. So do plants. And all around us is one substance in particular that I want to present, not promote. 

DMT *The God Molecule* 

The reason why the Breath is used to transcend the mind, is because one of the substances that your lungs is creating and activating is DMT. It is in our body, it is in the plants, the animals. It is all around us on this planet. If we can for a moment realize that our body is nothing more that radiant light having chemical reactions.... then would we not create the perfect "chemical reaction" for moving in and out of dimensions? (expanded consciousness)

Just as our memories and records are being held in different locations, waiting for us to find them when we are ready, we get an awareness that our body is a vehicle, a spacesuit for navigating this lifetime. And there are lots of cool things that our body is capable of, we just haven't figured out all it's gifts and capabilities yet. 

Again, I am not telling you to run out and do anything. I am sharing a perception and thought with you. That we have doorways in our mind, that for most have been sealed shut for lifetimes. That the fears in our mind keep us trapped and that we don't even realize were these fears are coming from.

All we know, is they feel real, so we don't ______ (you fill in the blank)

But we have doorways, resources that are specifically designed to help us penetrate the veils of this reality and remember more of the greatness of who we are. No matter what path we are guided to take, we can know that we have all the tools we need to break free from mind, and to let our consciousness soar. 

"Revealing Your Crystalline Chromosomes"

"When your higher self descends to earth, the light of your soul manifests as a body through the biological DNA of your human ancestry, according to the laws and karmic principles governing incarnation on your planet. However, your sole sovereign genetics exists beyond the jurisdiction of laws that govern earth's reality. Therefore, when you become human the Sophia code of your souls divine genome always manifests alongside your carbon based DNA for you to potentially activate your sovereignty from all form, while fully embodying form."  (Page 15 of the Sophia Code)

This week we are going to explore more of our Galactic History, the different ways in which we can transcend the veils, and even talk about how Gate 51 in our Human Design Chart can help us move past our Carbon Based Fears.... and allow us to leap into the experience of living our Crystalline DNA dream. 

Here's to flying through our dreams!

With So Much Love,


Becca Bee

Here are some references if you choose to know more about this tool.

An article on Dr. Joe Dispenza's Blog on some of the studies.

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