Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Galactic Core * Home is Where the Heart Is

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

We are being called forward with a gentle heart. A soft heart, an open and loving heart. Called forward to gently remember the familiar place we once called home. There is an ache in so many hearts on this planet, from souls who feel lost or alone. Souls who feel different or like they don't matter. 

When our memories get lost, how can we remember? The only thing that remains is this dull ache of
something missing. Something that doesn't feel quite right or the feeling of a missing space in our memories. 

This feeling of something missing, is the gentle call of the magnetic pull of our heart, guiding us back to the place we call home. Home right inside of us, the portal of our ancestors.... and our galactic heritage. 

Why are you drawn towards some of the things you like? Have you ever wondered why you like the things you do? Why you are pulled towards the things you are? Have you ever wondered... who am I? Where do I come from? Who am I really?

Of all the beings in the universe, for you to be you... what an incredible miracle that is! There is no other you like you. How magical you are. And yet, most of the things that make us unique, we internalize as something that makes us feel different. 

Before awakening from the dream, most of us feel completely broken, lost or alone. Like orphans.

Then we start hearing on this planet, all this talk about our heart. Follow your heart, listen to your heart, love with your heart... drop your mind into your heart. Surrender to your heart.

But what is this heart really?  

We feel this beating rhythm in our chest, and we know that it is keeping us alive, pumping the oxygenated blood to every part of our cells... but then what. What is so special about our heart, and not our liver, or our spleen? Why don't we surrender to our pancreas or kidneys? They feel too don't they?

Actually, each organ is really special. But our Heart is our portal to Source right inside of us. Our gateway to the Divine, the seat of our magnetic monopole being directed and pulled right from the stream of our consciousness. 

Right within our heart is this powerful force igniting and creating a magnetic force field around us, that is measurable, attracting to us what our intentions hold and moving us though our life.

When we choose to align (surrender) to our higher consciousness, our life is smooth and easy. When we resist, we are blessed with the experience of sufferings. 

Suffering is a mirror of not self, that shows us the places seeking love. 

 It’s so beautiful when you look deep enough. Everything is laid out. Everybody’s Design is absolute perfection. And you don’t have to do anything, it’s not like you have to figure out how all of that works. You get to realize the perfection by living it.

Ra Uru Hu | The Cross of Life

Our heart is the transition gateway from our physical reality to our next dimensional aspects of self. Ie: Soul, Over Soul, Christos Avatar God Self. It is the barrier we cross in order to break free from our lower stations of identity and be able to become aware and connected with our Higher Self once again.

Our Heart is the Veil we transcend to walk between realms, dimensions, realities and worlds.  

"There is a First Source or Central Sun. All dimensions lead to it. Whatever name you give to it: Higgs Field, Source Intelligence, Spirit, it issues from the Central Sun as love and it dimensionally shifts universes via its intelligence. Yes, love is powerfully intelligent. It has an intelligence that shines so bright that it is the light we see on every dimension of consciousness. Love, at this core frequency of Spirit, connects to your personal self through your innermost, energetic heart. It passes in to you and through you at this juncture. You need to only imagine and visualize this intelligence of Spirit coming into your body and passing through you to all who cross your path, and when you do this, you have brought your mission to earth." (The Energetic Heart, by James)

In all the things we do, regardless of the expansion of our consciousness and growth, love is what is seeking to move through us. Love is the essence of our Creator Realm, the Founder Flame emanating
from right inside of us. 

As we connect with our Galactic heritage, and our root families, our job is to awaken the space inside of our heart to be able to accept the high "voltage" frequency from our higher stations of identity. We are the conduit. When we clear the mind of shadow and doubt, our heart has the ability to hold a greater charge of source light. When we don't clear the "not self" .... we get burned. (ie. suffering)

We are living in physical form in a very very special time! Can you feel the energy in the air all around you? Can you feel the quickening of the light? Can you feel the pull of your heart beating with excitement? That excitement you get when you are about to see a loved one that you have not seen for a very long time. 

As we explore our roots, our founder races and our true history, remember, all that is seeking you... is calling and whispering to you, from right inside your heart. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee 💓🐝

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