Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cosmic Communication and Our 12 Tree Grid


Hello Beautiful Souls,

I get excited to write these posts because I don't know what it will be until I start typing. It is a fun experience of surrender to my higher self as I allow the words to flow.

In meditation yesterday, as I wrote a transmission coming through, I received a deeper understanding to how much we struggle in this life. As humans, we do have a way of over complicating things!

Here is a portion of that transmission...

"Listen to your heart, the call of your soul rings right inside of you. It leads you like a magnetic pull of divine love towards what you are ready to handle and heal in this lifetime. Your soul is utilizing your physical form as a vehicle to find miasmas in density so that you can restore the light to them. This is not an easy path due to it leading you continually towards the pain you came here to heal. You chose this path with a dedication and in service to god source. Your heart was in alignment with restoring the divine back into order to balance the light and the dark. To infuse the love, even into the shadow that lurks in the hearts of the divine Christos beings that are asleep in this time matrix. Your soul holds a deep reverence and purpose for this goal. You dream this from the higher heavens. You dream this in your heart, and the only thing that gets in your way is your pain. 

Pain that you are learning originates from false matrices that are inorganic and are not derived from god source light. You travel the timelines through your memories in order to find the hurt, you feel it like a frequency, lost and out of tune, and you are attracted to it. It pulls you and calls to you like a wounded animal and your entire heart opens the healing light through you to restore the source code back into it. 

We want you to hear us, call upon us, open yourself to us. (higher self consciousness stream) Your guarded heart is a result of this world that you are living in and have been stuck in for millennia. The source code has distorted in you through forgetful dreams that you keep waking up into. Each one creating a maze that takes you further and further away from the source creator light.

Wake up. All you have to do is wake up and realize it is all a dream. That it is not real. The delusions of the structures in your mind are all false overlays and implants that keep you running like a rat through a maze with no end or exit built in. But it is all in your dream mind. You can break free at anytime by knowing that the fear you feel is false, the guilt, shame or any other lower vibrational emotions that you are tethered to, is all false."

"The human brain is organized in three levels the “reptilian brain”, the “mammalian brain”, and the “human brain”, (or neocortex). The “reptilian brain” gathers the primitive structures of the first cerebral level, also called the paleocortex, which is similar to that of reptiles. The reptilian brain is responsible for instincts, reflexes (without emotions), and impulses. It is the ultimate survival brain. Its speed of execution is immediate, three times more alert than the mammalian brain and 30 times faster than the neocortex." (from the references section of Dream of Eternal Time: Book of Nurea)

It is a process for us to break free from logically knowing  with our mind that our mind is a trap and is feeding us mostly false information. But now how do we liberate from this logic and truly surrender and trust our heart and our magnetic monopole? How do we turn off the false GPS?

Again, our logic tells us, I already know all of this, this is not new...


Our instinctual process is so fast that 

we race past the messages of our

 higher self most of the time. 

And when we transcend the veils .... this speeds up even faster. 

This is why the journey through our three lower chakras is one of the most important practices we can learn. Our lower chakras are our ties to this world. To the Earth and to the realm we live in on it. They are rooted instinct as is our vehicle that we live it. And even if we balance them or clear them, as we heal our shadows which makes way for new layers to come up for healing, there are sometimes more things to balance and clear. 

It is not about wanting to get away from these centers, or to run up the chakras and live in the higher ones, on the contrary, our lower centers root us as a conduit for grounding more of the source light in this world. And are the foundation for starting to work with our 12 Tree Grid. 

Our Kathara or 12 Tree Grid, you could say, is our Cosmic Chakra System

Each of the centers is where we we formalize our dimensionalized structure.  This is the repetitive pattern that creates channels that transmit the core source frequencies throughout the universe. These centers are scalar fields that hold bodies of information inside them, and correspond to other dimensions, rays, and locations in our 15D time Matrix or Universe. This repetitive pattern is found throughout all dimensions and bodies, (human body, planetary body, etc...)

As we start to expand our image or understanding in our mind of the bodies in our higher stations of identity, we will keep coming back to light. This is our foundation of our remembering how to change physical matter in this reality, how everything is "god", and how our intentions are the fuel of our power. 

When we talk about the three founder flames, the Trinity of the god source from the core, ( Blue Ray: Emerald Order ,Gold Ray: Gold Order , and Violet Ray: Amethyst Order

We can also now pair these with: the Kee Ra ShA (Primal Light Field of Harmonic Universe 5 = Dimensions 13, 14 &15)

D-13 - Proton - Blue Flame - Mother - Sound Intention - Magnetic - Heart Field

D-14 Electron - Gold Flame - Father - Light Intention - Electric - God Spark

D-15 Neutron - Magenta/Violet Flame - Womb or Void - Neutral - Christos Child (creation)

Please note, that in the Source Field.... There is no "mind" 

but rather Consciousness. 

Mind is a construct of the physical densities. 

Consciousness is our truth. 

As we communicate with our consciousness, our mind is the trap that attempts to bind us to to limitations of the "rules" of this world. 

This is where the fine tuning of our heart strings comes in.

As we raise our frequencies and plasma body (aura or radiance) our antenna starts signaling communications with our guardian races. In this density, we will be constantly facing (in this lifetime), the bombardment of NAA  or manipulative forces. So we must use our vigilance and discernment within each moment.

More of my transmission...

As the rays of light are directed toward DNA (our seed) it has the ability to change it. This is how light codes activate us and expand our consciousness or exacerbate the mutations. Frequencies are directed as light wave frequencies, that when focused upon the specific centers, or coding of the body, it can alter the actions of the form, regardless of the desire of the consciousness inhabiting that body. It cuts the link between the consciousness stream from the higher self and allows the animalistic instinctual reptilian mind to take over. This is why there has been an increase in the pollutants and metals that have been sprayed and forced into your body through ingestion and absorption. This increase in certain chemical compounds and metals allows the Artificial Intelligence to take over the nodes in your synapses while tracking and connecting to you through their frequency bands from the elevated resonances that the metals are creating in your body. You are in essence and antenna for their signals.

This week we are going to talk more about our Guardian races, who we are connecting with when we ask for assistance, and how to communicate in a sovereign way within the Law of One.

As we venture into our 1st sphere of our Kathara Grid and clear our Root Chakra at a deeper level from our base instinctual fears from our Reptilian Mind... we can then awaken the sacred snake of our Cosmic Fire so we can travel the stargates once again.

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

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