Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Trailing Your Cosmic Family Lineage

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to another post. What a glorious time to be alive in a human body! The chaos we have perceived in this life, is really lighting up to reveal itself as a beautiful dance of magic in the restoration of our universe. The new lights, the new colors, the new frequencies and connections to our Cosmic Light Source is buzzing all around us. We get to choose... is the glass half full... or half empty.... or can you see the perfected balance. 

Feel the peace that can be embraced with this letting go of any struggle. This calm that washes over us when we realize the perfected love we are floating in that flows all around us.  

Part of this peace is coming from a feeling of being home again. There are many of us that never felt comfortable, or even felt lost on this planet or in this life. There was something missing, so we have been "searching". 

This may have shown up for you in a variety of ways. (especially as a child)

 Here are a few examples...

  • Felt like you were different than the rest of your family. 
  • Wanted to leave this life. 
  • Felt like you were responsible or the reason why things were not right in the family. 
  • Depression or confusion being here. 
  • Missing time, strange memories, odd experiences or visceral dreams.
  • The need to rebel against what what being taught to you. Resistance to the "system"
  • Imaginary friends, feeling or communicating with "others" as a child. 
  • Other realities or memories felt more real than this reality to you. 

There are many examples, but they really all have a core of "something feels off". 

We are infinite consciousness, and it is our consciousness stream that travels through the cosmos. Getting closer to identifying as this stream of consciousness, we will remember better how we travel and exist in all the ways we do. 

Here is an example that may help. When you shine a flashlight, that light shines on the path that it is directed to. It has a trajectory from its source. We are like that light shining from our source and we have traveled along a path to get to this planet, this density, this lifetime...etc.

Like roadways, you can't always drive a straight line, sometimes you have to merge onto other highways or pathways in order to get to your destination. In the cosmos this is a stargate or a portal. 

You light travels as a stream of consciousness in the higher dimensions and uses Star Gates, such as portals through Suns, in order to travel into other sectors of the universe. We can trail our galactic lineage, much in the same way you can trail your genetic lineage with your DNA.

We have Galactic signatures and patterns that our imprinted in our stars if you will, that show us our path we have traveled as consciousness. 

Notice how the way the Milky Way Galaxy is traveling through the universe, which is a larger (micro/macro) scale of DNA. As it turns, you can start to see how when you to enter into this realm, your coordinates (your star chart or your birth day), shows you exactly when you entered, what gateways you traveled through and what your neutrino signatures are. 

We see these patters in star maps like our Astrology Chart, Human Design Chart, and even Galactic Center Chart. Each of these shows us what patterns we are holding, what we came here to share... and most importantly, what karma and debt we came to dissolve and liberate back to neutrality. 

This is in part how we are receiving our codes. As we spiral through the universe, we are connecting with different beams or rays of light, plasma fields, neutrinos and memories. As we connect with these sources, our DNA "lights back up" or "comes back online". As we come back online, now we start to get the clues and flashback of our different star families and heritage. 

This is literally like us starting be grow up and realize we live in a way bigger neighborhood than we realized! 

Here is project that I want to invite you to do to help you trail some of your "coming back online". If you can take a few moments to do this, it will give you a snap shot of the bigger picture of your souls experiences. (we know we are not one thing, or one race, we are all a blending of different star families, lifetimes and timelines) 

How to do this project.

  1. Get something you can write on. 
  2. Go back in your memories to some of the most meaningful things that came into your reality that started resonating for you.
  3. Think of any powerful dreams, lucid dreams, shamanic experiences or OBE's that connected you with any power animals, spirit guides or guardians.
  4. Write down all the different guides, ascended masters, teachings or beings that you resonated with or got guidance or inspiration from.
  5. Think of any clues like colors, sounds, or images that were present at influential times in your life.
  6. Write all of this down in as chronological order as possible. These are all things that you know were major moments that elevated your emotional or spiritual growth. 
Here is my example...

As you start to put your puzzle pieces together, you will find that you are starting to see the bigger picture. Your souls purpose. 

For those of you that resonate with the information I share, we can imagine there is going to be paths that we have crossed in our cosmic travels. Here is a  link that goes a little more into depth with this path. 

"The Oraphim are the original representative Founder Guardian Races specialized Emerald Sun DNA blueprint forms that were used as a prototype body for the 6D Indigo Family of consciousness that source from the Universal Melchizedek Lineages, many of us came to the earth through the Sirius B portal to retrieve the lost or trapped Azurites and recover the cloned identities of the Ascended Masters. The Oraphim are the spiritual parents of the Indigo races working for Planetary Emancipation during the Ascension Cycle."

Starseed (from Galactic Astrology)

  • Natively inhabit late 4th Density, 5th & 6th Density
  • All starseed are members of one Alliance or another
  •  The 5th & 6th Density starseed have personally experienced self initiated biological dematerialization
  • Fifth Density starseed are happy to work alone, knowing they are always connected to 6th D.
  • Late 4th Density starseed feel themselves to be ETs, who zoom about in space ships
  • Sixth D starseed feel they are angels stuck in biology - they are Orbs in their native 6th D environment.
  • Each starseed. shares love as an inherent frequency and has a specific project to carry out.
  • Post 2033 after the galactic community land, starseed may have completed their assignment and go on
  • Post 2033 4D starseed will likely remain on 4D earth to aid building the new ‘Light Cities’, etc etc
  • Post-2033 Holographic recordings from home star systems will be available for each starseed.

This week we are going to get to explore a little more of our path we have traveled as we start to tie this into our sacred geometry of our intentions. This is going to prepare the foundation for a more expanded maturity for understanding our true mother as we delve into Healing the Mother wound in May. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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