Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Love of Mother - Healing the Mother Wound Pt. 1


Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to another post. In the next four weeks, we are being invited to take a journey into Healing our Mother inside. To heal not only our mother wound, but to embrace and nurture our mother essence we hold and emanate. 

Stop, breathe softly. Be still for a moment and just feel the pulse. The beat of the heart, the rhythms of the soul. Life moving in a synchronized harmony. Each doing their part. Singular, but the same, from the same whole. 

There is a pause you can take, when you close your eyes, where you can feel yourself in the womb of mother. We live every stage of our connection with mother simultaneously. Each of these four stages (initiations) all happening internally and externally at the same time and on different levels. 

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

We are always in each one of this stages at some place in our life. In each of our timelines, and all that we are involved with within every level of our Emotional Body, Spiritual Body, Physical Body, Mental Body.... and all of our Light Bodies. 

If there is trauma, or an inability to feel emotional connection or availability from the "mother", especially in the birth and childhood stages, then none of the rest of the cycles can flow in harmony. 

When we don't have an anchored, supportive and emotionally available "mother" upon on our arrival into the new world,  then our relationships to everything else becomes disconnected and unbalanced because we have not been fully rooted and welcomed. 

"The mother wound can be defined as your mother (or mother figure) 

not  being emotionally attuned and available to you as a child. 

She may have been present physically but emotionally absent."

Dr. Mari Kovanen

Here are some of the ways a Mother Wound may show up for us in our life

  • Struggle to hold /keep boundaries.
  • Walk on eggshells around others.
  • Persistent fear of not being enough.
  • Feel lost in life, lack of passion, purpose or identity.
  • Feelings of shame about your body, lack of love for body.
  • Still seeking approval of mother or others, need for validation.
  • Inability to relax and enjoy pleasure, fun, peace ect.
  • You make decisions to please others.
  • Blocks with expressing sexual energy.
  • Self betrayal / Self Sabotage.
  • Lack of confidence in your own parenting.
  • Judgmental or critical of yourself. Loud inner critic.
  • Feeling responsible for how others feel.
  • Distrust others for fear of being rejected.
  • Equating your worth to perfection.
  • Comparing yourself to others.
  • Shrinking yourself to be loved.
  • Looking to others to try and figure out how to fit in.
  • Persistent feeling of being "too much" for others.
  • Co-dependency.
  • Belief that you are bad or your feelings are bad.
  • Awkward in social situations.
  • Avoiding conflict, the need to keep the peace.
  • Difficulty expressing emotions.
  • Dismissing your own pain or situation as "not that bad or important"
  • Sacrificing your dreams or wants for another.
  • Feeling responsible for the happiness of others.
  • Fear of judgement.
  • Rebellious choices. Defiant actions. 
  • Low self esteem or confidence.
Our mother is our "Mother Ship" into this planetary incarnation. And our birth is our welcoming. This is a sacred initiation. This is our foundational rooting or anchoring into this lifetime with as sense of belonging, love, being cared for and permission to be our own identity and gift to this world. 

Up until our initiation into puberty, our mother helps us hold our base 3 chakras for us. Almost like training wheels, until we are ready (usually through a ritual in ancestral cultures) to be initiated into maturity and honored as an individual and creator. 

In this society, where initiations and ceremonies are not as honored anymore, there are mothers who never hold or never let go of the bindings to their child. 

So what do we do now?

Part of growing, is letting go of the past. The past is the past and we can not change the past. The only thing we can change is our relationship and perspective to it.

This process is not about chasing down our mothers and demanding emotional attention from them. Wouldn't that be a interesting! The crazy thing is that even if they did, the little person that is hurt inside can't really receive it that way. That would only create a stream of hunger for more. 

Instead what we do is go through the steps of being the neutral compassionate witness and step back in our timeline to our younger self, and now we get to be the love and support we always needed. Now we get to parent our own inner child.

This is such a healing and powerful process to go through. There are quite a few steps we can take with this, which we will start to go over in this weeks circle. We have the opportunity to start taking a healing heart to our past timelines and initiating the ceremonies that our little self always needed, in order to heal the past, let it go, and be the wholeness we came here to be. 

And as this happens, our roots get to start to really anchor into the earth in a whole new level. How wonderful to have this nurturing level of the connectedness of our ancestors, the gridlines of the Earth and the awakening of our DNA. 

I welcome you to join me as we take this journey through the next four weeks through the initiations of the divine mother as we enter into spiritual adulthood.

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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