Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Childlike Joy - Healing the Mother Wound pt. 2

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to the party, welcome to the game, welcome to the journey, our place to dance and play. Let
the freedom of your heart give rise to joy and song. Let the heart of music ring out to everyone. 

Imagine from your inner dream, a life so filled with joy. The playfulness of wonder inspiring every single thing you do and every dream you dream. A place were each person you greet is filled with that same joy, and smiles at you in happiness and support. A world so loving, so encouraging, and guiding you with wisdom, sharing with you every bit of knowledge that tells you of the many world that you are all a part of. 

Imagine the freedom. And the absolute possibility of being 100% you, the truth of who you are. Transparency, confidence, courage, value, a sense of having purpose. Purpose that is celebrated in you, and you get to celebrate for others. 

Can you feel the infinite possibilities of being born into a place like this?

A beautiful feeling of being a part

 of something so much greater!

This is the joy we are being asked to create and embrace right within our own self. Yes, many of us have been fractured and have grown up in childhoods far from the harmony of the dream above, but that does not mean that we can not create it now. 

Our dream is what is going to help us recreate the potential for this very thing not only us, but for future generations. It all starts with us healing our own inner child and by being the support and love that a child thrives and grows from for our own self, and for others. 

Last week we embarked on a journey of restoring the love to our inception and birth. We celebrated the moment of our entrance into this physical form and laid the foundation for our souls purpose in this lifetime by making the connection again to the heart of mother (Earth).

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

The Four Stages of Initiation

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

Now as we enter the second initiation, we are blessed to be able to celebrate the playfulness, curiosity and joy of childhood. All of the wonder that inspires the creativity of new possibilities for our evolution. 

Part of this process is about having the courage to face what was not beautiful in our early years, in order for us to face it and free it from the entanglement it has in our life. 

Last week we looked at a list of ways we possibly became out of alignment with our self and with others. This week we are going to look as some of the ways our mother may have been for us so we can see how those pains may have happened. 

 We are going to just go very basic for the foundation of our understanding and for our healing process.

Let's look at four basic "types" of Mothering we may have received. 

Balanced, Supportive and Loving - Child feels safe to be themselves. Well balanced and nurtured by childhood. 

Helicopter Mom - Child feels insecure, not good enough, never has a chance to grow up or feel as though they are capable. 

Child Mother (Parentified) - Child becomes the parent. This creates a feeling of responsibility for everyone else riddled with guilt, shame and "it's all my fault" feelings. 

Non Existent - Child distrusts others, has a lack of understanding of love and can feel resentment and anger towards the world.

You may have experienced one or more of these types of Mothering and each one has a list of ways we learned to interact with the world or believe or not believe in ourselves. (Please reference the list from week 1 for some examples of imbalance)

There are also different attachment styles we may have created with them

Secure -  Child feels secure needs will be met, loved, able to ask for help, learns to self direct.

Insecure Avoidant/Dismissive  - Withdrawn, doesn't believe needs will be met, rarely asks for help, loner.

Insecure Ambivalent/Resistant - Clingy, insecure, fear of new situations, anxious, rejects others.

Disorganized - Chaos, View all situations as a way to play out old traumas, Depression, Drama, Anxiety, PTSD

A child thrives being raised with Balanced, Supportive and Loving mothering with Secure Attachment. When this is not available, Inner Child Wounds, Soul Fragmentation and Disassociation can develop. 

Does the child go through Door #1 Co-Dependent or Door #2 Narcissistic

(or a variation of them...?)

Both = Inner Pain and Shame. Both create a wall of defense and seek validation, emotional connection and support from others since neither type learned how to "self soothe".... aka trust yourself

Guess what? All of this is just another way for us to see that we are not alone, we are not wrong, and now we can realize, the past is the past. We can be the parent we always needed, and allow our Higher Self to "walk in" in order for all the the Earth based instinctual fears to wash away. We get to be the love we have always wanted, and have always wanted to share. 

Yes, it hurt, yes it was not easy, yes we felt alienated, alone or different... 

And Yes, now we can change it. We can now validate our own inner child. Love them, hold them. Let them know it makes sense that they reacted the way that they did. We did the best we could with the tools we had at that level of consciousness we had at the time. 

As healers and time travelers, 

we get to go back and heal the timelines entangled with pain. 

And now we can remember that this is not our only experience. This is not our first lifetime. This is not our only truth. In fact, when we reconnect with our true mother, this discord all vanishes because we remember who we truly are and that this world is just one experience of many. 

Making way for us to begin to step into our third initiation with confidence, love, creativity, curiosity, imagination, wonder, happiness, joy, excitement, playfulness and the ability to get back up each time we may fall, because we know who we are, how special we are... and most importantly, that WE ARE LOVED!

This week we are going to take the step into the closets of the past in order to clear them of any wound that does not serve us, so we can be our Declaration of Intention we came here to be. 

I declare, from the core of my heart, my intention to serve my source. I align myself fully and completely to the heart of the one infinite creator. I dedicate this life to being my true heart song across al the cosmos. I surrender my ego now to be in service to the Law of One mission of First Cause Light as a Pillar of Light. In the light of truth I declare and intend. 

I AM that I Am!

I AM a Soul Sovereign Being!

And So It Is!

I am so honored and so excited to play in this new dream with you. Thank for having the courage and strength to find yourself and set yourself free.... Oh, what our imagination can be!

With So much love, 

Becca Bee

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