Thursday, May 20, 2021

Recognition and Strength - Healing the Mother pt. 3

 Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to our next step in our journey of growth into Spiritual adulthood. As we heal the mother wound right inside of us, we unplug from the wounds of the past and open the potential to emerge into our true form. 

This week we are awakening our strength, sacred sexuality and kundalini for merkaba activations. 

Our Growth with the Mother Energy

The Four Stages of Initiation

1. Birth - Our entrance into the new world, into the new. 

2. Childhood - The learning and curiosity and playfulness of learning.

3. Puberty - The awakening of powers, creation and change.

4. Adulthood - Our embodiment of spiritual adulthood. Being the mother, the adult, the foundation, the womb. The magnetic energy of creation. Receiving and creating in harmony with ALL. 

We have spent the last two initiations handing back responsibility that did not belong to us. Now we are in a place of stepping into responsibility. This is were we get to start making the sovereign choice to live the Law of One. 

The questions we get to ask ourselves with every decision we make is... what am I in service to? 

Parasitic Energy, or Living Energy?

Living the Law of One is about mindfulness and discernment. Click here to learn more

Our first two initiations allowed us to integrate into this lifetime, and to get our roots settled. Now in the third initiation our roots are giving way to our creations, what we are choosing to do our be in this life, and what passions and visions from our second initiation are we wanting to develop with our own identity. 

This is the stage in our development were we are meant to step out of the instinctual vibrations of the lower three chakras, and start our soul initiation into the second harmonic universe. (Dimensions 4, 5 & 6)

Biological Cycles of Spiritual Expansion 

  • Biological Age 12 (Soul or Initiate, 4-5-6)

Prior to the year 2000, most all earthlings were blocked in their DNA and unable to access or begin full soul embodiment by Age 12. This is a mutation in the genetics. In the last 26,000 years and prior to 2000, about 68% of the earth population met partial soul accretion levels at some point in their lifetime and were reincarnated back into 3D again. A very small percentage were freed of the karmic wheel, while the rest were trapped in servitude in the Underworld. After 2000, this is accretion is possible above 4D at age 12 and happens in approximately 20% of the population, all Indigos. The rest of us have to catch up in our biology later or have specific contract.

Here is the thing, if we have not fully and completely harmonized our second chakra which holds the autonomic programs (fight or flight), our third chakra can not be of service to us. Our third chakra is the base of our lower merkaba spin and must be tempered (surrendered) to the heart.

If our lower chakras are not fully cleared of all Earth based (1st HU) entanglement, our vehicle will not function at it's highest potential for creating and housing the plasma charge necessary to move our larger states of consciousness. 

Centipedal negentropy ... sharable waves ... bliss charge ... plasma charge directed by the heart.... is what helps us move into higher states of conscious activation. 

This is the ability for us to move between the different Harmonic Universe (HU's) at will, through our own abilities. 

The Third initiation is about being able to move our own energy, our own power and our own will. But these energies are meant to be directed by the heart and the higher consciousness (our soul body). If this energy is bound or stuck by entanglement with low self worth, pain, trauma, closed off heart, etc. Then the EGO takes over and we become a vessel for Service to Self and parasitic energy. 

Power and Courage is not about ego or needing to stand up for ourselves. Power and Courage is about knowing who we are on a divine level, and expressing it through compassion and love. 

Every thought, feeling, actions & intention we emanate in this harmonic universe

is either based in living light.... our being a parasite. 

As we continue through the years of healing our mother wound, we now step into the puberty of our growth. This is were we start to ween off of needing the mother to ground us or manage our lower chakras for us any longer.  We can now see how our choices matter, and take the responsibility for everything we "birth" into this HU. 

Now as our Kundalini begins the first initial stages of its development (full activation usually comes

much later), we can start to feel the body beginning to wake up to new sensations. Our sexuality becomes a new creative force that we learn to explore.

"In our Ascension model, we recognize and work with 15 waves of the Spectrum of Frequency that correlate directly with the Universal Rays, dimensions of time, and how our individual energy centers (also referred to as Chakra systems), are connected to those dimensions of time
that exist in the multidimensional Universe. The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds. Above the nine dimensions are the anti-particle dimensions, which are the Blueprint forms of liquid Plasma light or hydroplasmic currents. The amount of energy stored in the personal Kundalini current, is the capacity of the genetic code to hold the higher Consciousness energy. The Soul and spiritual energies that cannot integrate into the DNA to be activated, will be stored in the Kundalini center that is located in the base of the spine."
(from Energetic Synthesis)

This is the energy that is stored for us until we are ready to use it or activate it. Our Uranus Opposition that occurs around the age of 47 yrs old is an astrological time when our planetary alignment helps us awaken this energy if we have not done so earlier in life. 

We are not meant to live our life in the past or in the mind of a child. Nature pushes us to grow, to take roots, to be strong and to give birth to our own creations. 

This week we get to take off the training wheels, unplug from the mother, and step into our own strength. Now we get to create our own roots as a sovereign child of Uras...Terra...Earth. That we can be galactic, and a steward of this beautiful world. We can be the warrior of light we came here to be. 

With so much love,

Becca Bee

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