Thursday, June 3, 2021

Our Journey with Father's Love

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to June, hot weather and lots of sunshine! As the sun shines upon us, this is a perfect setting for stepping into loving and healing our Father Wounds. 

Last month we had the opportunity to heal the Mother Wound. Our first home as we entered into this incarnation. Mother is all about our welcoming, nurturing and grounding into our physical form and life. 

Mothers role is a primary role that holds the 

same energy for both male and female children

CLICK HERE FOR THE 4 Week Series of  Healing the Mother Wound Clearings

Father plays a different role than the Mother, which starts the same at birth but begins to change as the child grows, depending on the polarity of the child. 

The important thing to remember, is that we are referring to "Mother" role, and "Father" role. Even though we always hold the karmic blueprints of our biological parents regardless of their involvement in our life, we know that there is a wide variety of ways the roles of our parent figures can be filled. 

There is a list we went through with the Mother that show us some of the ways a child can adopt limiting self and life beliefs. This list applies to our distortions with Father as well since both parents holds the role of love and emotional connection.


This month we will be going through the different variations of connection types with the Father figure while we lead ourselves into full Spiritual Adulthood completely sovereign of any attachments to our Mother or Father seed cells. 

It was vital for us to heal the Mother Wound first because these are the most foundational emotions of feeling nurtured and welcomed right from the womb. Many of the steps will seem similar to our Healing the Mother Wound processes. This is because our childhood beliefs and wounds come from our own unique upbringing so you will be your best inner guide toward how you entangled with the adult figures in your life. Your adult awareness is the key that allows the wounded inner child(s) inside of you to have a place to come home to inside your heart. You are the healer, you are the teacher, you are the guide. 

So let's get started with our path in these next four weeks..


When we are a child, our parents are only our caretakers for a short time. In the Living Light ways, this is honored and a prayer is given by the biological parents to the true divine parents as they take on this role for a very short time, knowing always that the child does not belong to them, but that they belong to the child as a steward, until the initiation (usually around puberty) where the child is returned to the true parents to be guided from their own center. 

Many of the customs of this planet are not Living Light based. They are instead adopted from the rulers that came to this planet who lived with rules based in control and domination, not in harmony with the Universal Laws. The Living Light ways are based in Unity Consciousness. This is to say that the generations are honored as a people.... not just as a family unit. 

In this Unity Based Consciousness, Father represents for us

Love - Unconditional Love



Our First Relationship


Purpose and Morals

Being an Example 

 A childs' connection with mother is steady and based in nurturing until the 'weening' takes place. At which time the child is then returned to the true parents. (the path of spiritual adulthood) Next is the connection to Father. Then this connection is out of balance, from the Father role player, there are a few paths the child can take in their thinking. 

The father presents the first connection outside of the mother. Father is our basis for creating relationships. The level of guidance a father gives also depends of the polarity of the child, as each child is going to learn their roles differently in this incarnation, depending on the polarity they chose to embody. 

This is a hard topic to really write about because there are so so so many variables, especially now days in our current society. 

Here are some basic examples...

If the child is polarized towards men as their sexual preference, their father then becomes the relationship role model for the type of man they may choose as a partner, how they deserve to be treated, what they will tolerate, or if they feel or don't feel worthy to be loved by another. 

If a child overly clings to the father for support, this can create the "daddy" savior complex in both polarities. This never allows the child to grow up because they are always seeking that security from the father. In future relationships, the adult child will never fully stand on their own two feet, or honor the partner they have chosen because they will never feel that partner lives up to their image of "dad".

On the other hand, if a father is never available, doesn't keep their word, or does not protect, the child can grow up angry, resentful, "I don't need anyone", "I can do it on my own", unable to emotionally connect with others, open up or be intimate with others. etc. 

These again are very general examples, but you get the picture. The father figure role player is the one who guides and teaches how to step into purpose, the living example or morals and following ones own inner compass. This is the teacher role for our internal foundation of standing in our own personal truth.

... & the confidence to be ourselves in the world.

This week we are going to lay the foundation for Healing our Father Wound as we reconnect with our true father so we can balance the healing inside and give a new level of strength and courage to the Spiritual Adult that emerged from the last four weeks. (if you have not done the process for Healing the Mother Wound, please start there before continuing on with these next four weeks. That is the foundation we are moving from for these next steps)

It is going to be amazing to feel and know, the Divine Father shines right inside of  you!

With So Much Love!

Becca Bee

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