Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Shakti and the Shiva In You - Father pt.2


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Welcome to another post as we continue on our journey of this sacred dance of the masculine and feminine within us. We heal the mother and father so that we can embrace the beauty of these energies right inside of us. We heal the distortions we may have created through child eyes so that we can open the eyes of god source within. We are the sacred dance of the cosmos living and breathing the dream around us. 

Now that we know we are the the dream...dreaming the dream...we can now change the dream and create the dream we want to be in now. 

And in this dream we are dancing. A synchronistic flow perpetually creating and birthing into creation. This is a dance of three, not two... The Tri Founder Flame burning inside of us. 

This dance is about balance, flow, honor, is about RELATIONSHIP.

The "ship" that flies on wings of imagination in unity consciousness.

The foundational part of unity, is balance. Balance in all things that we do and balance in our relationships. Our ability to have balance and healthy relationships starts from our very first breaths in this incarnation and what we observed and experienced around us. 

What did you observe?

What was the relationship of your Mother and your Father? 

What was your relationship with your Mother?

What was your relationship with your Father?

.... & What relationship did you learn to have with yourself?

Everything is a relationship in this universe, but how our understanding and belief system got engrained in this lifetime is mainly based in the energy of the Father, the support, the foundation, and the 4 P's.... Protections, Provisions, Praise & Presence.  And who your father was for you, your mother, and for the family. (father figure)

Father is our first connection outside of mother, outside of the womb. It is our first relationship. The Masculine energy holds the role in the dance as the support, the foundation, the container of structure. Stability.

The masculine is the riverbed that structures, supports and holds the river as she flows. 

This relationship plays out inside of us in every single molecule. The atom is a microcosm representing the building block of our physical reality. The electron, proton and neutron. Positive charge, negative charge and neutral. Patiki, Partika and Particum. The tantric flow of life. 

Heiros Gamos is this divine union that represents living light. The Eternal Living Light. 

When the currents are in harmony and balance Shiva and Shakti dance ... when they are out of balance, Shiva becomes the destroyer and Shakti becomes Kali, the destroyer. We see this in our life in the health of our relationships, our health, our emotions... in everything. 

We hold all of these inside of us. Our masculine and feminine qualities. We play these roles in everything we do. From the projects we do, our work, our relationships to others, even our dreams of the future. We are flowing this energy through us. 

How we flow the universal currents through our body is our our responsibility. 

Is it in balance and harmony, or are we being the destroyer?

Are we in living light or dead light energy?

Promoting life or promoting death?

Eternal flowing energy or parasitic/vampiric energy?

Uplifting another or tearing them down?

Radiating Emotions above the vibration of love, or broadcasting low vibrational emotions?

Regardless of the dream that we were born into, regardless of the dream that we were taught, our sovereign right and responsibility is to know that we are the dreamer and we can command the dream! 

Be the Lucid Dreamer now!

This week we are going to look at the patterns and beliefs around relationships that have been running in our programming. This is going to build off of what we did last week in our assignment of letting the inner child speak about Father. 

What Beliefs did you create?

How supported did you feel as a child?

What example of relationship did you have from your parent figures?

What relationship did you learn about God?

About government? (government plays the patriarchal parental role)

What beliefs did you have around money, abundance or being supported?

What belief did you have about what a relationship was?

And what relationship did you create with yourself, your worth, what you deserved, who you could be, or your own lovability?

Let's recreate any of these that are not flowing in a trinity wave. Thank you again so much for taking this journey with me. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

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