Wednesday, August 18, 2021

You Are Not Your Car

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to another post of love and remembrance. I love you so much and I honor our time together. This post we are going to touch on our levels of consciousness and how our perception gets bound to the lower vibrations or levels of thinking. 

We will start off with just the awareness that we are consciousness. That is what we are, Consciousness. Consciousness that is having an experience in multiple dimensional realities. 

Our levels of Consciousness are simultaneously existing in every frequency or Harmonic Universe right in this very now. We already are what we are expanding into. If anything, what we are doing is merging our levels of consciousness. 

So as consciousness, what ever we are able to perceive as, is what our level of knowing is. It is how we identify with our reality, and who and what we think we are. 

Let me give you this example....

In Astrology, or in Human Design, you can look at your map, your chart, and see all that was written in the stars for you from the moment you entered into this incarnation. But the chart you are reading is the exact same chart on the day you are born as it is on the day you are now. You are not the same person are you?

What changed? 

Your consciousness!

They are still your charts but the amazing thing to realize, is that they are not stagnant. They are evolutionary and they give you the map of the progression of your soul. 

You are not a stationary being. You are ever evolving, growing, remembering, expanding. Your consciousness is never the same from moment to moment. 

Your charts show you the places you came to expand and grow and in truth you can take as long or a little time in the integrations of your charts as you choose. 

You can even choose to take lifetimes if you like.

So this leads us to the place where we get to innerstand a little better how silly we are at times with where we get stuck. Because in truth, just as we can look at our life and know that we are not at the same level we were at when we were three years old, we are actually still dealing with many things in our life as if we were. 

Most of us are letting our 'little self' run the house, rather than being mature spiritual adults with our mind, body, emotions and spirit in this life. 

Imagine for a moment your car. As you imagine your car you can describe it as a sedan, suv, truck etc. It may be new or old and it has it's own characteristics that you can describe. 

Now picture yourself in it.

When you sit in your car, do you consider the car you?

Being in your car doesn't make you BE your car. Who and what your car is, is not you. Right? 

So, why do we do we identify with our body and our identity in this incarnation as if it is us? This incarnation is just another ride. NOT the true YOU!

I know this may be confusing, and the "little I" likes to argue this. Ego doesn't like to be in service to the "True Self".  It feels so "egoic" that it wants to imagine the entire world revolves around it!

Every label you can think of that you would call yourself, is an experience and not your truth. Gender, Profession, Religion, Medical Conditions.... every label is not who we are in truth. It is not our I AM presence. 

We exist beyond labels, beyond polarity, beyond the duality of this reality. 

So the next time you are driving in your car, play with this idea. As you sit in your car realize that you see yourself as a separate identity from your car. You are fully aware that you are a consciousness driving a vehicle, it is a tool, and if it doesn't work, you will use something else to travel in. It is in service to you. 

Now, allow your consciousness to see your body as a vehicle. It is separate from your identity as your I AM. It is a vehicle, a tool, and if it doesn't work anymore, we get another one! 

Reincarnation, Incarnation, Past Life Experiences. 

We came here for the experience, but we start to get emotionally attached to the labels that we are covered with. So the trickiest thing in growing our consciousness is many times unhinging from what we think is so important in our life. 

This could be family, relationships, jobs, houses, cars, titles, reputation, beliefs, obligations, and the list goes on and on. 

This brings us full circle back to what we talk about over and over again, which is doing the shadow work, clearing the limiting beliefs in our life, and auditing any contracts in our life that are not in alignment with our truth. 

Or as we say in Human Design, doing the experiment to live as our "True Self", and step out of all patterns or places were we are living as "Not Self".

Remember this, if you "lost" everything, you would still be you. Even in death, we don't die. Our consciousness lives on. If you would ever like an experience that reminds you of the eternal state of you, watch some videos on children talking about reincarnation and past life memories. Quite fascinating the wisdom we are reminded of by two year olds!

You are amazing, you are so loved. Thank you for being here and being a part of this experience. Let's remember our truth so that we can reimagine the dream the way we want it to be. Let's dissolve and delete all that is not our truth that binds our minds. When we change our mind, we change the world!

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

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