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Pleiades Constellation - The Seven Sisters and Hathors

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This post we are going to explore the Pleiades Constellation from a Star Lineage perspective. 

The Pleiades are a group of more than 800 stars located about 410 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. Most skywatchers are familiar with the assembly, which looks something like a smaller, hazier version of the Big Dipper in the night sky.

The Pleiades along with Orion, have some of the deepest ties in history with our Solar System and with Earth. Not only is Earth in Harmonic Universe 2 (Dimensions 4,5,6) located in the Pleiades, but most beings on the planet have some DNA or history with this constellation. 

Pleiadeans, also known as Nordic Aliens or Plejaren are humanoid extraterrestrials that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars in the second Harmonic Universe. There are both benevolent and negative beings form the Pleiadian System, and they are the primary gatekeepers of the 5D timelines.

Most of the benevolent Pleiadian groups have a strict non interference policy with earthlings as the result of the consequences of inadvertently contributing to mass upheavals on the earth surface that were not intended to interfere with forward spiritual progression and consciousness growth of earth humans. Due to these destructive events occurring in the previous timelines, all interactions with earth people are strictly monitored, as the consequences of these previous interactions had generated karmic bonds in which certain groups were not able to evolve any further as a result of these previous events that resulted in destructive timelines. Of the humanoid types of Pleiadians, they appear very similar to earth humans, but have different variations in height, hair and eye color. (Ascension Glossary)

The different races from the Pleiades have many different desires or agendas. Some are working in harmony with the Law of One, and many are digressive, or self serving and working with Luciferian agendas. 

GA Signet Council 5: The Council of Alcyone-Pleiades.

Guardians of D-5 Pleiadian-Alcyone-SG-5. A Council in crisis. Emerald Order Taran MC Eieyani Priests of UR and Anuhazi Feline-hominid, Gold Order Seraphei-Seraphim hominid-avian-Oraphim Serres and Amethyst Order Bra-ha-Rama Cetacean Inyu co-governing body. 

Governing Command Committee is Emerald-Gold Order Ashalum Command. Second Command Committee was Ashtar Command, which is made up of Amethyst Order Bra-ha-rama overseeing rehabilitating Anunnaki races that entered the Emerald Covenant. Once included Sirian and Nibiruian Anunnaki organizations participating in Bio-Regenesis through the Emerald Covenant. Anunnaki branches of the Alcyone Council are referred to as the ―Ruby Order Annu-Elohim and Anunnaki.‖ Ruby Order groups include the Nibiruian Councils of Nine, Twelve and Twenty-four, the Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki, Galactic Federation, ―Archangel Michael‖ collective, Ashtar Command and the Annu-Melchizedek legions.Many Ruby Order Emerald Covenant defectors, including Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, the Archangel Michael Matrix, Annu-Melchizedeks and the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki were responsible for manipulation and digression of the earthly Angelic Human lineage since 25,500 BC. 

These groups temporarily rejoined the Emerald Covenant during the 1992 Sirian-Pleiadian Agreements, and entered the Guardian's July 5th, 2000 Treaty of Altair. On September 12th, 2000 the majority of these groups defected from GA Signet Council-5 Alcyone Council to join the United Resistance with Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions in promotion of the Earth pole shift agenda. Some groups accepted Amnesty Contracts from the GA and IAFW, remaining in the Emerald Covenant. It is very difficult for humans to detect what agenda affiliation these groups may now have; caution is advised in contact or channeling communication. (CDT Plate Translation from KS)

Many of the Indigenous Peoples of Earth are direct transplants from other Star systems, by far the most common is the Pleiades. In Anton Parks books they are called the Sinumun people. They were mixed with the genetics of the Gina'abul, the pure reptilians races (benevolent) and the aquatics from Sirius. 

(From Girku Chronicals 3 by Anton Parks)

Cherokee Legends
Cherokee legend states that their people originated in the Pleiades and they came to this world as starseeds of light and knowledge. If this legend is so, then modern day Cherokee Indians, as well as other Native Americans, have Pleiadean genes. (Ascension Glossary)

(Hopi Petroglyphs)

“Towards the end of the Third World, there was a woman as Supreme Leader in Atlantis. In our language we can call her a "Kickmongwuity", a supreme priestess, in your eyes she would have been simply a queen. She was very powerful and a very beautiful woman. She used her power and the beauty of her body to subdue the leaders of her people. She received so many jewels from them that we called her "the turqoise woman". […] Atlantis extended its influence and subjugated peoples in the countries that lay farther to the east, which we now call Europe and Africa. Although Atlantis was a small country, it had a very big influence. You can compare it to England. It is also a small country, but what an influence it has had!” (20) White Bear, Tradition of the Hopi Indians - K√ĀSSKARA UND DIE SIEBEN WELTEN (From Girku Chronicals 3 by Anton Parks)

In Human Design, the Pleiades, specifically Alcyone, is the Star placements of "Initiation". This is a beginning energy for the cycles of creation, evolution and growth for "Uras" Earth. 

In the First Quarter the witness( the Personality Crystal) returns to Earth, once again brining renewal to the evolution of consciousness on the mental plane. this is where purpose is fulfilled through Mind, through thinking, educating, conceptualizing, explaining and sharing what it means to be alive in a form. (Human Design by Lynda Bunnell)

This is from the middle of Aquarius till the Middle of Taurus.

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