Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Solar Rays and Working with the Heart of the Universe


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Cosmic energy is currently aligning in a very special way. This type of alignment only happens every 12,000 yrs. The truth is, when we really start to pay attention to transits and alignments in our cosmic neighborhoods, it can feel as though there is always some sort of exciting alignment or planetary event happening. In some ways, these cycles are not much different then knowing the cycles of the seasons. Even though they happen like clockwork, it is still valuable information to know so we can prepare. Just some of these cosmic cycles are MUCH bigger! So if we can tap into each one in its own unique frequency, this is going to help us spin through our own cycles and alignments. 

April 24, 2022 was a special day here on Earth and in our Solar system for a cosmic alignment to the Central Suns and the Solar Dragons. And this energy is going to be with us for awhile. 

If you would like more in-depth information on the Solar Dragons, please check out the latest newsletter from Energetic Synthesis here

When Solar bodies and planetary bodies line up, there is direct "influence" between the planets. When Solar bodies align with other Solar bodies, now we are talking an amplification of Solar Rays, Codes, Photons, Light Language, DNA Activation and Cellular Memories and blast of Neutrino Packets of Information. It is a super event for us. 

Since our DNA codes respond to these events, it is an opportunity for us to tune in to what may be "turning on" in our body. I like to think of these as moments when we can ride the waves of alignments into our greater purpose and understanding of who we are as Souls, Over-Souls and beyond. These are moments when we can really let go of more density and let in more light. 

What does letting in the light look like?

This is going to be an individual experience for all of us. Each of us has our own unique design. (Learn more about yours here)  and we are all working on our soul path at our own individual pace. This really means that there are no set rules to how our forms and consciousness is expanding in each of us.

Some of the basic ways we may be feeling this is:

  • Disorientation
  • Feeling Out of Body, like you are living in a dream
  • Buzzing in ears
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Tired or Energized
  • Waking up often at night, difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating

This is mainly because the neuroprocessers in our brain and the cellular functioning in our body has to adjust to new inflections of energy in the body. Our chemistry so to speak, gets thrown off. 

Please be kind and gentle to yourself, slow down, rest and take the opportunity to connect with nature more. I feel that we are being called to connect with the natural cycles and our beautiful earth in a deeper way. That all of this is calling us home into our hearts, into our earth and into a surrender of being part of a greater whole. 

Wait! But that's not all! 

We also have our eclipse season starting and our first of of this year is a Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30th, 2022.  This is going to add to the energy and to create an emotional amplification for humanity. 

All of these are ways for us to heal and grow. To really come to a centered balanced place within ourselves. So I would invite you to look at your own personal birth charts and see what house your moon is on April 30th. This is the primary energy you are going to be working with in your life.

All of our Genes (Gene Keys/Gates) are our codons for learning. Each one has an frequency range to them. I would say our goal in life is to raise our vibration above the 200 mark on the Chart of Consciousness. 

The Gene Key/Gate that the moon will be in on the moment of the Eclipse is the Gate 2 in the Sign of Taurus. 

Transiting Moon in Taurus

When the Moon changes signs to Taurus, we slow down and seek out some security in our lives. This marks a less impatient and competitive period of our lives. We don’t look for new experiences as much as we manage our lives in a more solid, secure manner. We value predictability during this period.

Gate 2 – Direction of Self – (The direction of vision) Yin / Yin – most receptive gate. Designed to receive. To take direction and receive all that is needed to fulfil destiny. This is about your destiny and the identity of your soul. Your magnet that pulls you in the direction of your truth and of your higher spirit. Gate 2 is about feeling unity with all the universe, knowing that no matter what is happening, there is a purpose to all of it. When one surrenders to be in the flow of their soul, synchronicities seem to be everywhere. The receptiveness of this gate knows on a deep level of all the resources available to create and manifest in this realm, but without a connection to gate 14 one needs to find the fuel or the energy to bring it forward. But Gate 2 knows how to receive abundance and to manage it. This gate is the core of living ones true design.  (This gate is a Channel Gate for you connecting to gate 14 of Power Skills in the Sacral Center in order to complete the channel of The Beat. Possession in Great Measure as a keeper of the keys)

Gate 2 is in the Sign: TAURUS

Returning to the One

Shadow - Dislocation    Gift - Orientation    Siddhi - Unity

You can also take the information of Gate 2 and then add it to the house the moon is transiting to in order to see what you may be brining to the surface to heal. 

On a final note, I want to come back to the connection to the heart. I invite you to connect to your heart, and to your higher heart (8th Chakra in the the Thymus area) This is something that is awakening not only on Earth, Our Solar System, but in our Cosmic body. 

The Heart of the Cosmic body is the Orion Nebula. (It looks like a heart doesn't it!) Just as we are healing, so has the timelines in Orion. It is a beautiful opportunity for us to connect with the Benevolent beings in the heart center to help restore our Cosmic Dragon Mother back to wholeness and balance. 

Here is a special Starseed Reading that I did for a very special soul that has had many lifetimes in the higher dimension of the Orion Constellation and the Orion Nebula. 

My final thought I wanted to share with all of this is based in the work of Family Constellations. The more we can align to love, to be in love and to surrender to the greater whole. The more we Restore the Family back to Love. Our family is much bigger than we may have realized when we were growing up, but now I invite you to look to the stars and remember the beauty of our cosmic home.

With So Much Love, 

Becca Bee

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