Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Energy Update - Elohim Fixed Star Aldebaran and the Movement of Gemini

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Happy Gemini!  I have so much to share with you and want to thank you for allowing me to share this information with you. As you know, I am a bit passionate about our history, our sacred mechanics and the tools of our birth charts for navigating our souls guidance. 

As I have been progressing through this path I have been able to integrate at a deeper level the Galactic Starseed DNA lineage through our Astrological Charts. I am so happy to be offering this new modality with each of you as we explore our true galactic history at a deeper level. 

VIDEO - Here is an Interview I recently had on Starseed Galactic Astrology

If you would be interested in having your Starseed DNA chart reading, please let me know!

Here is this months video going over the activated gates of Gemini for this sign.


VIDEO - Energy Update - The Gemini creative waves & working with them to make magic

These are the gates and dates of each gate. Go through the video to learn more about the "shadow" & "gift" of each Gene Key playing out in our life this month.
Gate 8 - May 15-20
Gate 20 - May 20 - 26
Gate 16 - May 26 -June 1
Gate 35 - June 1 - 7
Gate 45 - June 7 - 13
Gate 12 - June 13 - 19
Gate 15 - June 19-25

Our New Moon this Month was in Alignment with the Fixed Star Aldebaran and our Sun is Currently conjunct/in alignment with this Elohim Fixed Star. 

This gives us a connection to the Blue Ray lineage, to the Hathors, the sacred teachings of the Law of One and the strong warrior protector energy we might associate with Archangel Michael. 

Here our recording from our Last Thursday Circle 

VIDEO - Elohim - Angelics - Blue Ray Beings

This is a short newsletter this week.  We are a month away from the Mount Shasta Event! Remember to check the group calendar to mark any upcoming events. I will see you Thursday for our next Soul Circle as we explore more on the mechanics of dimensions and how we move between them.

With Love!

Becca Bee

Here are some amazing pics from our recent trip. It was incredible to be with the energy of SoPHiA

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