Thursday, June 16, 2022

Soul Based Mastery of Our Space and Time


Hello Beautiful Souls!

With the increased vibrations of Earth as beautiful Terra is awakening more advance light codes in your quantum structure, we are feeling the effects though new sensory perceptions, possible time distortions and an overall general feeling of "living in a dream".

I invite you to spend more time outside, ground your feet on her surface and talk to her. Check in with her and let her share with you what these changes are. 

In some areas the weather has been a bit out of the norm for the season. Our initial reaction is to look towards weather control or manipulation. As much as this has been a factor a times, I actually feel that our Terra Earth is balancing. 

Our planet is meant to be in alignment top to bottom and our north and south pole is not supposed to be tipped over. In an ideal balanced eco system, this beautiful blue world will be more oceanic with no ice caps and more of a tropical temperature from top to bottom.

As you feel her under your feet, hold her in your heart. Let us release our human emotions that are not supporting these changes which many times may be uncomfortable for us, but in the long term, are of great harmony. 

We are also coming into a special alignment with the Galactic Center!

This is a special time for us to pay attention to what it is that we are wanting to pull into our life. Since we are at an opposition, or at the polar opposite of the Galactic Center, this is about your intentions to call in the attributes of our OverSoul and Star Family. 

Pay attention to the House placement of your Galactic Center in your birth chart. This is going to be a lifetime theme for you in this incarnation of how you are intending to share and vibrate the Galactic Codes of the Higher Universe. 

Here is Video where I go into detail on how to work with this energy. 
It is activating for us on June 19-20.

As we continue on our life path, here is a thought. Even though we may feel as though some of our other lifetimes were more exciting, or that other avatars that we are are "better" because we have more activated memories or skills.  Even in those lives we live "basic life's". This means that we live, we be, and we honor exactly who we are in that moment. This life too will be a memory in your Akashic library for some other lifetime. And as you look back at this life, how amazed will you be at who you are now?  Or will you view it as a life of karma? Now is your chance to make your most magical life. Be the you that you always dreamed of being. Be your Higher Self now!  

You have access to all that you need in order to be the Spiritual Adult here to help bring this world into a higher vibration, and into the Planetary Councils or our galactic families. 

Here is the video of an amazing journey that the Guides from Mintaka Shared with us at our Thursday Circle. Sharing with us Mental Mastery.

With So Much Love, 

Be the you, you came here to be.

Love Becca Bee


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