Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Beta Centauri Starseed

 Beta Centauri 


Beta Centauri is a beautiful place that has truly developed into a very powerful central healing space for many souls on their incarnational journeys. It is a very diverse star system that has frequencies emanating from their central star that elevates and facilitates the highest levels of consciousness and the abilities to maintain awareness through the liminal spaces. Life on Beta Centauri is often described as being in a state of constant evolution and growth. The inhabitants are believed to live in harmony with their environment, understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

Beta Centaurians are incredibly psychic and intuitive and have such a merged auric body that their physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body and astral bodies are very intertwined and operate as one. Because of this they are incredible empaths that have the ability to travel between spaces and psychically track souls in order to help guide and assist them back into clarity, healing and balance. Their main specialty is helping souls that have been trapped in the bardo realms because of their sadness or pain 

The pains they are healing are deeply rooted in their Lyran heritage. Beta Centaurians are descendants from the Lyra star system from long ago and migrated there after the Lyran wars. There is a deep remembrance within their heart and soul of memories of being traumatized and wounded through many of the wars and manipulations that took place that caused them to become refugees and have to find an entirely new star system to call home. The Lyrans, according to various metaphysical texts, experienced a cataclysmic event that led to their dispersion across the cosmos. This event, often symbolized as the opening of Pandora's box, unleashed a wave of suffering and martyrdom that the Beta Centauri beings are still healing from.

Their psychic skills are not merely tools for divination or foresight, but instruments of healing and restoration. They can perceive the subtle energies and vibrations that constitute the essence of a being, and can identify the discordant notes that signify a soul in distress. Their healing work involves aligning these energies, restoring harmony, and facilitating the soul's journey towards wholeness.

They carry a profound legacy of spiritual wisdom and healing abilities. Their soul retrieval work is a testament to their deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life forms and dimensions. They perceive the soul not as a singular entity, but as a complex tapestry woven from the threads of countless past lives, experiences, and spiritual lessons.

Their healing process involves not only addressing their own wounds but also assisting others in their healing journeys. They understand that their past-life feelings of pain and suffering are best kept in Pandora’s box, not to be forgotten, but to be acknowledged and transcended. They are learning to translate their profound love and understanding into service, helping others reconnect with their inner energies and open to their own wholeness.Unlike the Alpha Centaurians, the Beta Centaurians decided to hide themselves away within this new star system and remove themselves from getting involved with any of the galactic alterations. They became sheltered and did not have the opportunity to truly begin to process a lot of their own karmic imprints.

Even though Beta Centaurians do not really like to leave their star system, they began to rectify this karma in other ways by working alongside many of the different councils in groups that are more hands on within the galactic affairs, as well as incarnating in at different time cycles into places like earth in order to begin to balance and heal these wounds from those painful timelines.

There are three main groups within Beta Centauri but all work hand in hand for the same purpose as soul guides and soul healers. This star system many times seems almost like what you would imagine heaven or the in-between realms. Beta Centauri is filled with guides and beautiful loving compassionate beings whose main purpose is to help souls on their journey.

Beta Centaurians are very empathic psychic and intuitive and many times become shut down in human incarnations due to feeling buried by the pain and heaviness of this world. This is because they are not used to having boundaries or needing to fortify their energy body on their home star system. So coming to earth many times feels very dense cold and harsh and the pain here triggers the wounds from the Lyran wars and causes many Betas Centarians to shut down.

Because this specialty in that star system is being a guide in healer for very traumatized souls and their soul journey, many star seeds with this DNA connection well attract a lot of wounded or traumatized souls in this lifetime. The ultimate lesson is to learn healthy empathy, healthy boundaries, and that you can be a guide but that you don't need to be the fixer and you are not responsible for another soul’s journey. 

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