Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Hydra Starseed


Hydra is the largest constellation within the Southern hemisphere and it is home to 13 major stars connecting to neighboring constellations that shows its connection to almost all creation within the universe.

Hydra translates to "water serpent" in Latin and it is the home place of the mythological hybrid of the lion snake and bird But it is primarily connected to the cosmic birther mother dragons. Their physical form is often described as serpentine or amphibious, echoing the depictions of Nagas in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and Merpeople in Greek and Celtic mythologies. This form is not merely physical but symbolic, representing their wisdom, their transformative nature, and their connection with the primal forces of life and the universe.

On earth the hydras were very connected to the motherland of moon and the sacred serpent mythologies that are woven throughout so many histories. They are deeply connected to the Nagas, Water Dragons and the Aquatic or MerPeople and the Dragon Beings. These beings, much like the serpents of the Chaldean culture or the amphibious entities of the ancient world, are said to possess a profound connection with the cosmos, particularly with the star system Sirius, the Pleiades, and Orion.

The divine feminine that is held within the star seed DNA is deeply connected to bringing back balance to all cycles of creation and to help others open up their hearts to be reunited again to the universal life source we are all a part of.

Hydras and serpent or dragon beings are the original emanations from the divine light streams of creation and hold within them the seeds of all potential manifest reality this is why they are considered the birthers of creation. There are the keepers of the dragon eggs, And are the nurturers and tenders of the dragon lay lines and Energy vortices upon planetary systems.

They are not only connected to all creation manifest upon the surface realms but they are deeply connected to the realms of the Underworld and hold The kundalini spirals within them that create a very hypnotic and magnetic energy when in their presence.

Holding this star seed DNA creates a magnetism to your vibration drawing others to you. It will be expressed through a very highly sensitive and empathic nature,  And those with Hydra DNA natural ability for mediumship, psychic abilities and tonal healing abilities.  The primary gift of a Hydra starseed is the connection to hearing Earth mother's consciousness.

Throughout mythology we remember the wisdom of this race as the lineage holders of genetics, Sole genetics and the protein basis of all creation. Their history is spoken of in every culture around the world.

The Sirius star nation specifically Sirius B are the divine feminine gateway holders to the vibrations of Hydra creation beings. Hydras are neither light or dark, they are both and they hold the wisdom of the divine feminine within them. Some connections are to Mary Magdelene, Wadjet, Sekhmet & Isis. They incarnate on Earth, not to change humans, but to guide and direct them into more harmonious ways of living again with creation and to teach the power of frequency and sound vibrations. They are connected not only to all realms but are know to move between the Liminal spaces. 

The term "liminal" refers to the transitional or ambiguous state between two different phases or places in life. Liminality can be experienced in many different ways, such as during adolescence, when a young person is transitioning from childhood to adulthood, during a rite of passage, when someone is moving from one status to another, or during periods of significant change, such as a move to a new city or a major life event like a divorce. In essence, liminality is a space of transformation, where one's identity is threatened and redefined as they navigate new and unfamiliar territory.

There is a deep and brooding powerful energy within hydra that even holds an awareness to the darker realms. These are not dark as in dark magic but dark as in inner standing not only the realms of light but also the womb of darkness of which all creation is birthed.

Hydra is a Water Serpent and Is deeply connected to the emotions and the deepest levels through these watery realms and as the serpent this represents the DNA codons and light frequencies of which the genetics of all creation is birthed.

Hydras hold a deep deep connection to sound and resonant frequencies that create structure out of the very watery womb of the black void. They are masters of knowing the frequency templates that hold planetary bodies and creation templates together. They are so attuned to feeling and sensing any little subtle energies that are out of alignment that it creates many times an oversensitivity within the nervous system.

Hydras are devoted to the creator source of all that is and the divine mother. Hydras hold within the deepest connections to the divine feminine and are represented through creator goddesses and guardian beans care for and nurture the nurseries of a planetary system. They take their task very seriously and can be easily triggered or reactive to anything that would cause harm to Gaia Sophia.  Even though they are very connected to water there is a fiery passion that lives within this Hydra connection.

Being so closely connected to the frequencies that hold systems together, they are also deeply connected to the cycles of creation. Being so sensitive to the very subtle energies they are masters of moving in between the realms, the liminal and underworld places, very similar to the Corvus star beings. There will be an important to routine and rhythm and a high level of following their purpose. They can go with the flow, but tend to be a bit more cautious of people and trusting them due to long histories of trauma caused by humans and other species to them. It is difficult for them to trust or open up to anyone who does not hold respect for the deeper mysteries and natural and universal laws. So integrity and keeping ones word is important to a Hydra being. 

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