Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Betelgeuse Starseed


The Betelgeuse star connection has a tremendous amount of hardship and turmoil connected to it. This place was once a thriving beautiful community primarily more of a Amazonian type civilization. The invading draconian descendants in Orion begin to overtake the star system suppressing the indigenous races that once existed here.

Having a connection here there is vibrations of being outcast, feelings of suffering even fear of being forced to do things and an underlining dread within. But all of these are transformational energies from this “star of sorrow”.

Since here will lead to lifetimes primarily in Egyptian civilizations but can also indicate past lives in China, the middle east, or SE Asia.  These lifetimes would have held experiences of being under the rulership and serving some sort of religion that would have overrun much of one's independent or creative desires. 

This star race has a deep underlining pull at the spirit to balance the extremes of life and break stagnant societies free from the dole mundane repetitive worship of whatever is being implemented at that time. There will be a passion within this placement that will constantly call you to challenge anything that is not inspiring the frequency of humanity to feel alive in the body. There is a deep understanding of how important it is to feel alive and that your attitude affects life events. So having happiness and joy is important otherwise one will just feel as though one is a slave too life.

One of the gifts of this stark placement is to learn how to slow down and to actually be connected again to the purpose of living. To really Tune In to the rhythm and power and pace of Gaia. The true gift of this connection as a star race is the nurturing to open up and flower into life as one's highest self-expression. This will not come without its challenges but the tenacity that you hold inside will always drive you to be your true authentic self.

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