Friday, October 20, 2023

Rigel Starseed


Rigel is a very complicated star system because there are a lot of diverse species that have played different roles within the galactic wars in the Rigel star system. Its chronicles and characteristics are as fascinating as the myths and legends that surround it. The Rigelians, the inhabitants of this system, are believed to be beings of extraordinary technological prowess, capable of manipulating light itself. Their towering stature and ethereal blue skin are said to shimmer with the luminescence of their home star's radiant energy. They are a harmonious race, their energies directed towards the progression of their society and the exploration of the cosmic expanse.

The Rigelians, however, are not just beings of light and peace. They are a testament to the transformative power of spiritual awakening. Rigel was once embroiled in wars and conquests, their history stained with the blood of conflict. But through time, they experienced a profound spiritual metamorphosis, turning their gaze inward, and choosing a path of peace and enlightenment over one of violence and destruction.

The Orion system originally was a very high vibrational place within creation and was populated by physical angels, the salamander-like Amphibians and the dolphin-like Land Cetaceans. Savage attacks on the Orion colonies by Reptilians and Dinosaurans from the dark empires near the present Constellations of Draco and Cancer forced innumerable colonists to flee their homes. As the settlers retreated to less-populated areas of Orion near the blue star system of Rigel, they learned that other brutal raids were also occurring in this sector of the galaxy.

Rigel underwent its own trauma between the peaceful civilizations and the Greys that were ruthlessly working on their own experimentations. During the many wars that occurred within the sector of the universe the Rigelians began to protect their own, even becoming quite advanced with the technologies that they were creating. They were a bit like pirates and they were known for this skill which they used for trading. They did not really discern who they were doing business with and throughout time Rigelians began to understand their part in creating a lot of the turmoil and began to see the ramifications of their part played with the creation of many of these advanced technologies many of these technologies were utilized for the hybridization programs and many of the experimentations that the Grays were performing.

These horrendous acts of genetic manipulation eventually became the turning point for them and they began to switch the use of their genius and started assisting many of the galactic forces that were working for the unification and the betterment of all races. 

They became one of the most sought-after experts because of their understanding of negative technologies, and have been one of the greatest alliances for helping to disable many of the Orion Reptilian and Gray mind control and technology programs that have been imprisoning many civilizations in many star systems. Rigelians have a very strong demeanor, very independent and can outthink others very fast pace. Rigel reflects to us the potential for transformation, the pursuit of knowledge, and the transcendence of physical limitations. They are a beacon of hope, a symbol of what can be achieved when beings choose the path of enlightenment and peace.

The Rigelians are not merely beings of technological advancement, but also of immense wisdom and spiritual depth. They are said to have transcended the physical plane, existing primarily in the realm of pure energy. Royal's accounts suggest that they serve as guides and teachers to other races, sharing their wisdom and aiding in the spiritual evolution of the cosmos.

They are brilliant, smart, and not really afraid of anything. Starseeds from this system tend to be here on Earth with the purpose of dismantling AI, mind control, and negative programing being used on humanity, for the purpose of helping them break free for their own free will thinking. 

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