Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Nihal Starseed


Nihal, located in the constellation of Lepus and is often associated with the concept of 'The Hare', a symbol of rebirth and resurrection in many ancient cultures, including Egyptian and Celtic mythologies. Lepus Constellation is near the Orion constellation and this star system and Nihal is a beautiful star in that system that has gone through its own history and overcoming of trials and tribulations due to the wars in the Orion and Canceri star systems.

The wars of Orion and Canceri were devastating, not all chose the higher path and many in Nihal endured the darkness, but many also emerged transformed. This transformation is akin to the caterpillar's journey in the chrysalis, a period of darkness and uncertainty, ultimately leading to its divine transformation into a butterfly. Those that transcended the physical plane wars moved into higher realms of consciousness, embodying the principle that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. These beings now help souls in many dimensional realms of consciousness.

The Nihal star beings are like cosmic mothers, like the Egyptian goddess Nut, embodying the nurturing, life-giving aspects of the cosmos. They are the cosmic mothers, birthing and nurturing all life, from the smallest microcosm to the grandest macrocosm. Nihas as experienced the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. They guide us through our own periods of darkness and transformation, reminding us that even in our darkest times, we are living, changing, and shining. Being in their presence feels like being held in an immense field or hug of love that is just welcoming you home no matter what you have been through.  

They exist in a higher dimension of consciousness, beyond the third and fourth dimensions that we typically perceive. This realm is very etheric and the beings here are quite large in form. They move about almost as if in water, as if they are “swimming” or floating in this etheric realm. Their aura and color emanation  is more blue in color and gives the place a feels of being in space or water. This higher dimensional existence allows the Nihal Starseeds to access and utilize energies and abilities that are beyond the comprehension of many other beings. This includes the ability to heal, to empathize deeply with others, and to connect with the Earth on a profound level.

This star nation is often seen as guardians of the Earth, using their unique abilities to heal and protect the planet and its inhabitants. However, like all beings, they also have their own individual personalities and traits, and so their interactions with humanity can vary greatly from individual to individual.

Nihal Starseeds are often characterized by their deep sense of empathy and their innate ability to heal. They are also known for their strong connection to the Earth and nature, often feeling a profound responsibility to protect and nurture the environment. This connection to the Earth is reflected in their physical traits as well, with many Nihal Starseeds having a natural affinity for earth-toned colors and natural materials.

They hold special abilities and skills primarily to help the world they are incarnating into in order to help the progression of that species from spiraling into chaos. Because of this many times a Nihal starseed will be born into times where there is immense turmoil and change happening with the evolution of the consciousness of the races on the planet.

Having this DNA connection will create an ability for being psychic and sensitive as well as helping others tap into their own abilities to heal from past hurt and trauma by holding an anchoring frequency that helps others like training wheels for the heart to learn how to love themselves again. Nihal starseeds are nurturing and soothing souls and have a gift for reminding others of their inherent worth and love.

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