Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Frequency Directed Thoughts

Hello Beautiful Souls,

This week we are going to revisit some important topics that are very current for us in our reality. We are in such fast moving times, that it is being guided that we keep repeating reminders to ourselves in order to make clearer decisions in the moment. 

I want to first present a perspective to you that you will more than likely say "yes!, that is totally happening!" .

In this current time in our evolution, our frequencies and the planetary frequencies are accelerating. This is manifesting for us as faster time, days feeling shorter, it feels like we have less time to get things done with almost an overwhelm of data or information, etc. 

As some of the satellite systems and nets of the controller races are getting shut down, more of the galactic frequencies are starting to reach us and the planet. This is also amplified by the spiraling of the planet in an alignment with the galactic core. 

These streams of light frequencies are also doing something else, they are upgrading you!

For example, look back 15 years. Remember how it was when you came across some new information that changed your life? Those "aha" moment.  It was life shattering. It was like you were never the same. life changed for you. You made different choices, different life decisions and sometimes even different life paths. 

Those moments used to happen only once in awhile, maybe once a year or more. Then as 2012 passed, you could feel the speeding up of energy. More awareness, more consciousness in conversations or others around you. No matter when your "waking up" moment was, notice how things changed for you the moment your awareness turned on.

The Aha moments have been coming faster and faster. Here is the thing, we used to have a year to

process the information and do the adjustments in life....but not anymore. Now more than ever is about living in the now. Now, these upgrades are happening up to 8-10 x's a day and they are still picking up speed! 

What this means for us is that there really is no time, and no need to process the past anymore. It is really about how fast can you let the past go and keep showing up in the now. 

And not only that, but this rapid growth and expansion of self into higher self also requires us to continually trust who we are. Because by  the time you try to figure out the new you, you have already transformed again!

This is trust in our Higher Self to the fullest!

When we trust the compass of our heart, we allow ourselves to flow with the true universal currents of divine light. This means the living light codes will move us and support us, while the dead light energy will become so harsh and uncomfortable to us, that we will not choose to participate with it anymore. 

This will make it easier to forgive others around us because we will feel even stronger the binding energetic ties that connect us to anyone we have any level of emotional charge with. 

As we start moving faster and faster towards the speed of conscious light, we will want to keep all arms and legs in the ride! 

We will want to remove all lower vibrations or binding to others, the past or to the material realm, so that we can flow freely into higher consciousness. This is the speed of manifestation of 5D and beyond. 

This is a huge part of the reason you are starting to sense or feel the other realms. Or, as it feels to me, like we are walking around in a plasma light dream realm that feels like you can see the atmosphere moving and breathing all around you.

So now that we have talked about this happening right now. Let's look at how this is showing up in our world around us, especially with those that are not choosing to become aware. And also, let's look at the levels of manipulation that is becoming easier spot in and around us. 

What I am referring to in this post as...Frequency Directed Thoughts.

The increased frequencies is working two fold. As those that are choosing to awaken begin to become aware and therefore more sovereign with their thoughts. There is an increased desire from the controlling factions on the planet to amplify their own frequencies that are meant to enslave and program the minds of the people. 

They have put so much energy into us following their "stars" (Hollywood) and into ingesting their "programming" (tv and movies), that for them to lose control of the narrative has pushed them into a panic mode. 

This panic mode is detrimental to the weaker minds that do not know what is happening on planet. You will see this as evident with them becoming angry and dogmatic while pushing the programming beliefs. 

In short, this will many times look and sound like you are talking to a programmed android who is just parroting the same story over and over, or repeating what they are told from the media. The next tell tell sign is that they will become angry or even aggressive if you challenge their belief in this programming. 

This is a divide and conquer technique. Look at every narrative that is taking place, and more importantly notice how if one narrative starts to lose momentum, they quickly roll out another. This narrative is meant to divide people, so families turn on families, neighbors on neighbors. They don't care what narrative it is, if they can get you to create a divide or judgement against another, they won. 

Divide and conquer is how humans justify killing humans. It is how we start to dehumanize each other and forget who the real tyrants are. 

Now, this may be difficult for some to fathom, but I have a feeling you are fully aware of how they are using frequency technology to direct our thoughts. This is called Synthetic Telepathy. This technology was perfected decades ago. 

Here is a video is you would like to learn more about this.

With mind slides or implanted thoughts, the thoughts feel like your own. The only way for a person to really know what thoughts truly belong to them, is to do the shadow work. To do the clearing, raise your vibrations and know thyself! In this way we can begin to tune ourselves right out of their broadcast stations. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. In many ways it is easier for us to learn this information a spoonful at a time, because there are things happening that far exceed them just trying to get us to think the way they want us to think. 

Our job, if we are choosing, is to see the patterns, and to see the tactics that have been used over and over again in order to control entire groups of people. And yes, a pandemic is part of their playlist. In fact, they are so bold that they have available for us to see in writing, exactly what moves they are going to use! Again, it doesn't take much looking to find these clues they leave all over the place. 

Hidden in plain site. 

I am not sharing all of this to go down a dark path. I am sharing this because learning about ascension mechanics comes with learning our Earth history, our Galactic history and having the awareness to learn the disclosure content. We are not meant to just float in love and light and stick our head in the sand like an ostrich. 

We become sovereign by standing up for our truth. 

It is definitely time for us to stand up for our truth, and one of the most powerful ways we do this, is by modulating our own frequencies, aligning ourselves with our Christos families of light, and yes, even opening up to knowing some of the most painful histories and actions taking place on our planet. 

I know it isn't easy. We can go through an entire range of emotions in the process of discovery. But, let's let this wave take us into the strength of who we are as Pillars of Light on this planet. 

As we raise our vibration, we take back our power. As we raise our vibration we create massive change! This means using full discernment with every thought, feeling and emotion we send out into the world. 

Mindfulness is so powerful. When we take a pause in the matrix, by being the neutral compassionate witness, we can make new choices, not reactions. From this place, our intentions create!

Thank you so much for taking this moment with me. I'm am honored to be a part of the sovereign empowerment we are quantifying as we join together in consciousness. Thank you for all you are doing! You are making a tremendously beautiful difference. 

Here is to a circle of learning more, more of how to protect our consciousness...and be our own consciousness. 

With So Much Love,

Becca Bee

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