Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Feeling Peace

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

First I would like to say Happy Full Moon in Aries! A fiery Moon of Manifestation!

There are some important influxes of energy happening and I would like to share some of the intuitive inspiration I have been receiving lately. My hope is that this finds a place in your heart to help inspire you and remind you how absolutely amazing that you are. 

We (The Soul Speak Circle) just returned from our week long Retreat in Mount Shasta and it was incredible! I am so infinitely grateful for the conscious group of beings that I was honored to share this time with. And I have so much gratitude to beautiful Mount Shasta, as well as our new friend Rob Potter who shared with us massive amounts of wisdom on our Venusian brothers and sisters as well as Inner Earth. 

I highly recommend that you visit his site, and if you have a chance, to support some of the work that he is doing. (

In the midst of all the energy that we have been feeling on Earth and in our Galaxy, it was a powerful experience to be in the eye of the storm. The Guardians have been really emphasizing for us to be in the now. And with find the stillness. I feel this as a sense of peace.

We had an incredible, and not common, moment of a massive line of of Retrograde Planets. This really pushed us inward and turned the torrential forces of energy that we were feeling, into the inner planes of our psyche, emotions and monkey mind chatter. For many this has been an overemphasis of the absolute chaos of internal shadow work that is coming to the surface to heal.

We are in the thick of a detoxification process that is happening on a planetary level. The "Awakening"

is making many many people uncomfortable, because it is illuminating what we have been sleeping through and what we have been allowing to take place on our Mother Home. And now that we are becoming aware of just the level of corruption that is running this ship, we are having to make the internal changes in order to stand up for the truth that we know is right. 

As this full moon in Aries opens us up to the build up of movement inside of us. That fire that says, "Hey! This is my Truth!". We are going to start to sense more clarity about what is our next action steps we need to take. Because Mercury rules Aries, and because Mercury is still in retrograde for about three more days, this flow of movement has not reached full stream yet. 

This is the perfect time to line yourself up with the flow of Source and Natural Law. To be in harmony with your Higher Self. This next wave of transformation you are going to experience in the Planetary Remodel that we are goig through, is going to be a work in progress. 

By January, when Pluto finally goes direct (it is currently in retrograde), we will still be feeling the shadow of Gate/Gene Key 41 of Psychosis. This is really asking us to notice all the self talk that is going through our mind and really do the internal work to clean out any negative self talk, self limiting beliefs or self sabotage programming. It is time to get the Archonic Matrix out of our head and only listen to the truth of our heart. 

So how do we do this?

With stillness. Stillness is the key. Stillness allows us to not react. To be in the observers mind, and notice what is moving through us without reacting to it. Mount Shasta was such a gift, a gift I would love to share. This gift was the power of nature and natural law. As we meditated on the Mountain and with the land, from the 3rd Eye perspective of the 4th dimension, it was clear to see that there was no AI matrix in the mountains. There was not false gridlines or archonic infiltration in the energetic grids of the different places we traveled through the natural world there. 


For those of you that can see the false grid with your 3rd eye in the cites and and in the controlled areas were populations usually live, I invite you to observe the natural magnetic grid of our Krystala fields. It

is beautiful!

All of us on the trip found ourselves changing daily into a new higher vibrational self. The "problems" of the world didn't have the same weight. It was clear that most of what seemed a challenge before, was such an incredibly easy choice to make from a higher vibration. There was Natural Law.... and then everything else. In a high vibration, the choice is so easy to make for staying in alignment with Natural Law. It's not even a question. The idea of going against Natural Law doesn't even resonate. Therefore, all the Satanic Transhumanism agenda of the planet illuminates and lights up and is so easy to see, and easy to say NO! to. 

Peace and tranquility comes from stillness of mind. It is the mind that gets restless. It is the mind that wants answers. it is the mind that wants logic. The mind want to control things and be certain of things and know what is coming. The mind is a fearful beast. The mind fights for control because it is so afraid that if it surrenders, it will disappear. 

The Universe, and the Source of All that Is, far precedes our little minds. This small minds that are riddled with viruses that keep us filled with limiting self beliefs and doubts about who we are. 

We are Angelic Human Beings! We are a part of Source, we have never been separate, or alone. But the minefield of our minds has kept us trapped in a small box of thinking and seeing our worlds around us.

Since when did security come from the name brand of our clothes, how big our house is, or the title of our job? When was our Souls Purpose ever about Egoic Identity in this 3D world? 

We have become so separate from each other that we have forgotten what unity based living is. We have forgotten healthy empathy, telepathy, compassion. We have forgotten to see past the surface. 

Let us be blatantly honest. One country on this planet can not be in a state of war and starvation and another in glutuney and entitlement, and us have a healthy planet. A system out of alignment is a system out of alignment. 

This is no different that you having one organ in your body that is starving of life-force energy and dyeing. Just one organ in your body can be sick, and your whole body can die! Think about it. We need to think outside just our own little worlds and out past our own comfort zones. 

This is the revolution that is happening on our Planet now. This is what the transformation is all about. This is what unity consciousness is all about! We are creating the new earth, right here right now! 

Our job is to get our Ego out of the way. Be mindful, be still. Make choices from our hearts. Feel the pulse of the greater body that we are all a part of. Do your part in your own home, your own environment, your own body, your own mind, to be the highest evolved you, you can be in the now. 

We are the change that is happening now! And all of our future ancestors are going to be walking on the Earth we help manifest now. Let us keep that in mind. 

As we move into the future months, let yourself feel the stillness of the eye of the storm. Know the changes that are happening are the necessary changes as we recreate this beautiful place we call home. 

With so much love, 

Becca Bee

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