Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Support for the new Plasma Light Codes that are reaching us

 Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Here is a short meditation to help with the energy that is being pulsed towards us. It is helpful to keep coming into center and allowing your mind to empty and be free. The mind is being over activated by the new currents of energy so you may be experiencing lots of thoughts that have a hard time organizing themselves. This makes it feel like we are not getting things done, or like there are too many thoughts to even focus on one thing. 

The more we let go of the clutter in the mind, we will find the peacefulness that lives right inside of us. Being in the now moment lets us access the universal Akashic field so we have the information we need in the moment we need it. This is a whole new level of trust!

Let your heart be your mind. 


With Love, Becca

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