Wednesday, November 10, 2021

First Harmonic Universe Chakras

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Our chakras are a vital part of how our body process the instruction sets from our morphogenetic layers of our higher stations identity. This is another way of saying that our chakras help us process information, energy and memories from different spheres of our consciousness. 

We are approaching our chakras from a 15 D Time Matrix model, and acknowledging our body as one of the stations of our totality of our identity that is existing in the lowest Harmonic Universe. I have talked before about Harmonic Universes so you can visit on of those posts to go a little deeper into that topic. 

Today we are going to explore the First Harmonic Universe, which most of us are transcending and moving into higher states of awareness, but it is is still important to know as it is still processing information for us as well as allowing us to grow. 

First Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody. These aspects are called the Stations of Identity.

In the First Harmonic Universe in 1D-2D-3D exists the three layers of the personality matrix or incarnated human.

In the First Harmonic Universe the in 1D-2D-3D exists the Three layers of the earth matrix.

(From ES Ascension Glossary)

Our base Chakras in our ROOT, SACRAL & SOLAR PLEXUS, 

and corresponds with D1, D2 & D3

These Chakras are Rooted in the Earth Body and are part of our lower station of identity that you call

your ego (meaning the name you call yourself now)

Each chakra creates a layer of your Auric Field which also hold instruction sets for how your perceive your reality. 

Instruction sets are like programing codes that run your experience of your reality. For instance this can be belief systems, memories, fears, security, etc.

As you align yourself more and more with your Higher Self, which is you as a Higher Station of Identity, the more you get to the place where you surrender your Ego to your Higher Self and start to live your Souls' Purpose. 

When we live our Soul's Purpose, our focus moves away from the structures of our 3D reality and we start to align our goals with spiritual goals. 

This is similar to moving away from being focused on riches and wealth, and now starting to focus on doing shadow work, healing the inner child, soul retrieval work, balancing chakras, etc. 

The first three layers of our Chakra system are based in Security, Relationships, Boundaries, and Self. They help us process our Subconscious, Instinctual and Reasoning Minds.  

The Root Chakra helps to connect us to Earth and eventually our Morphogenetic Chakras, 12, 13 & 15) it creates more of our Etheric Body that is right close to our skin. 

The Sacral Chakra creates the Emotional and Elemental body that looks like our Aura around our body. Tis is usually what others pick up from us when they feel our moods or emotions. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third layer out and it holds our Mental Body. This is where we learn to surrender ego to our Higher Self so that we can begin to move up the ladder into our Heart Chakra and the 4th dimension which is the bottom level of the 2nd Harmonic Universe. (we will explore HU 2 in the next post)

Our First Harmonic self, is the furthest separated from the Source of All That Is. As we explore all of our Chakras, we will get to take the journey back through our blueprint, and back to Source. We are also going to become more familiar with our 12 Tree Grid which is the first expression from Source that has "MICRO/MACRO" moved down through the dimensions and right into our Morphogenetic field which is manifesting our current life, reality and and how our consciousness functions. 

As we take this journey through our chakras, just know that they hold gifts for us in every shadow that we find. Since we are here, living life on planet Earth at this time, we have to deal with the lower vibrations. Our gift is in being able to clear this density, right through our body. 


That is why our body is so special. Before we wake up to our higher awareness, it can feel like this life is happening to us and we are being punished or that we don't have choices. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Our Galactic Soul Consciousness chose to come here and be a vehicle of change. To reach this density and then "wake up", is an incredible celebration! Many of our Star families are here now, incarnating into physical human angelic forms, in order to restore our Divine Blueprint, our Angelic DNA.

I know this sounds incredibly important, and it is. Here is the thing. In the physical reality, it usually looks like you doing the healing work, letting go of the past, learning to be sovereign, and raising your vibration. 

The most important thing you can do... is BE!

Be a high vibrational being even when things get tough. Remember that this world does not define you, your family does not define you, the 3D realm does not define you. 

You are an Angelic Human being that is restoring your divine rights. So mostly that means taking back your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs. You being you, no matter what is happening around you, is the most important thing that you can be doing for this planet. 

So thank you for being you!

I will see you next post for understanding our 2nd Harmonic Universe Chakras, and how they are star gates that help us connect to different timelines, stations of identity and other star races. 

With So Much Love, 

Becca Bee

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