Thursday, November 18, 2021

Second Harmonic Universe Chakras

Hello Beautiful Souls! 

Our Second Harmonic Universe Chakras,  for many of us, are the ones we rely on or want to focus on the most. Being that the Heart is the base of these chakras, it is not uncommon for those healing and balancing their chakras, to want to jump right to the heart and skip all the nitty gritty painful stuff held in the HU1 Chakras. Who wants to deal with all the childhood memories right! 


As we expand through our 15 D Time Matrix, we actually pass through areas in our body and energy field called "Crystal Star Seals". These are like buffer zones that hold our stations of identity in place until we are ready. When we "break past" the seals, we then enter into the next frequency experience of the Time Matrix.

There is a Crystal Star Seal that is right before the 4th Chakra. This is really helpful for us so that we learn to process energy as we are ready. 

Here is an important note, if we have not fully integrated and processed the information in our lower chakras, our higher chakras will be influenced by what still needs to be healed. For example, if you still have security issues held in your 1st Chakra, your 5th Chakra or Throat center will not be able express what you truly want to express, because there will be insecurities that hold you back.

Or if you have not healed all your 2nd chakra wounds and emotional connections from the past, such as feeling worthy or loveable, then your 4th Chakra or Heart will not be able to open all the way since there will be walls and blocks still present until the deeper wounds are healed. 

These are very broad examples, but you get the idea. 

Taking the leap into HU2 is bringing us into the Astral Realm and into our Soul Matrix. What this means is we are stepping out of our "Little I", our Ego incarnate identity, and starting to connect with our Higher Self awareness. 

This is an expansion of consciousness through our Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras. 

Let's Explore Our HU2 Chakra's

4th Dimension - The Heart is our navigation center where the your Higher Stations of Identity anchors in and guides this life experience. The Heart is a Stargate to the Heart of All That Is. If we have not cleared our 1st HU Distortions, then you will have wall or blocks in this area of your energetic flow usually relating to Trust or Lovability. 

The Heart Chakra is the Gateway into the 2nd Harmonic Universe which exists in a different timeline that the one that 3D exists in. This is just another way of saying time works differently in the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. 

The Astral Realm works in tandem with the realm of imagination or thought. This is were we can start to walk through realms, connect with multi-dimensional beings, do dream work and start to connect with the collective consciousness. 

The Heart is all about Collective Consciousness and Unity Based Consciousness. 

As we open our navigation center of our Heart, our intuition starts to be acknowledged as a driving force in our direction in life. This will open us up to different memories from other timelines and life experiences, Specifically the Egyptian or Atlantean Timelines and Annunaki or Invader Race memories in Earths History. 

Everyone incarnated in a Human Body has something to clear from these timelines because these memories are in the cellular memories of the Earth and our Body. Again, our body is a Karma Resolution Vehicle, we are a gift to all humanity when we choose to be the conduit of change. 

5th Dimension - The Throat Chakra is our voice and our unique expression we came here to be. It is also the opening of our communication with our Higher Stations of Identity as well as Multi-dimensional beings. 

If we are still struggling with 1st or 3rd Chakra issues, we will have blockages in our Throat energy that keep us from trusting the voice of our Higher Self. 

This Chakra is associated with our Etheric body template and with Pleiadean Timeline Energy. 

Our Connection to the Pleiadean's is extensive and this neighboring constellation is the home to many planets and races that are directly connected to the Orion wars, the Annunaki influence on Earth, as well as the place were the major conflict between the Matriarch and Patriarch took place. The Karmic effects of many of the Pleiadean timelines are a direct reason for much of what is taking place on Earth. 

This 5D Chakra is where we start to connect with some of these memories and may be drawn to heal some of these experiences. This is usually where you start to get more memories of other lifetimes connected to the Pleiades or Guides that share information about healing distortions from these timelines. This may include resonance with well know Egyptian figures since many of the ancients were from the Pleiades or Sirius Star systems.  

6th Dimension - The Third Eye is our connection to our Celestial Mind and the Indigo Races. This is were we begin to see beyond the limited vision of the physical reality and start to "see" with our inner eye beyond the veils. The veils are the seals between the dimensions that keep us in our different experiences, but as we expand our consciousness, we begin to integrate our memories and our identities back into our awareness. We start to become Spiritual Adults. 

Our Third Eye is easily manipulated if we have not reclaimed all of our Energy Centers (lower chakras). This can come in the form of mind slides, which are false memories or images or limited self talk. This has been a highly attacked center in the First Harmonic Universe due to the power of harnessing this center. This is were the Amrita Fluid resides, the Christ Oil. When our Kundalini in our Tailbone gets activates and can reach our Third Eye, this sacred fluid is released and this is our "Awakening as a Cosmic Christ". 

Think about all the things on the planet the calcify the pineal gland....

As we clear all Archonic Deception and input into our mind, and decalcify the body to allow the opening of our Third eye, we start to see what is really going on in the Matrix. All veils of deception begin to fall away and we start to see past any holographic manipulation. Don't be surprised if you start seeing more beings from other planetary systems before they can cloak again!

As you learn to navigate your body you will learn how to harness the power of your breath to infuse more natural self made DMT into your Pineal Gland. This is the living light breath. *PLEASE, do not confuse this with DMT that comes from any outside sources such as plants etc. This is naturally created essence that you breathe into your own body through the power of your breathing and your lungs. 

This Chakra is directly connected to Sirian Timelines. There is a lot of Sirian influence on Earth and there and many many Sirian Starseeds currently incarnated on Earth at this time. Many are Indigos and those restoring the Christos Consciousness on the planet. This is a lengthy topic so just let your self explore what sorts of memories or soul connections come to you from this center as you heal and open it up. 

Remember, we are here to be Human Be-ings. It is an honor to be entrusted with this divine angelic human form. Regardless of how it may have felt in the past, let yourself awaken and see with your true eye, your pineal, and remember the incredible consciousness that you are. 

The 2nd HU reconnects us with our Soul Families, with Law of One and Unity Consciousness. You will know when you are truly inhabiting these qualities, because you will feel the Unity right inside your heart. The lower realms will have no hold on you. Let your Higher Self guide this vessel you call you body, and let it shine through you in the most beautiful way as a Pillar of First Cause Light.

Your greatest mission was to incarnate here....and WAKE UP! The rest is surrendering to your Higher Self and BEing. Love is an essence, not an action. Be the Love you came here to be, and you will be the greatest gift to all humanity. 

Thank you again for all you Be.

With Love, 
Becca Bee

I'll See you next post for HU3

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